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90s Top 10 Sales- Week By Week- 1990-1991

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  1. 31ST MARCH


    Becoming the first song to leap to No 1 from outside the top 10 since Glenn Mederios back in 1988, Snap! are the new chart toppers with their track “The Power” which debuted at No 12 last week. Essentially a German production duo of Luca Anzilotti and Michael Münzing and fronted by rapper Turbo B, “The Power” is their first single under the Snap! Moniker and features the vocals of Penny Smith, though keeping with recent traditions in the dance genre, the video features a different singer miming the vocals (Jackie Harris) as Smith is apparently media shy. The song features a mash up of Jocelyn Brown’s “Love’s Gonna Get You”, Mantronix’s “King Of The Beats Lesson 1” and Chill Rob G’s “Let The Words Flow” which have come together to convince 57,000 buyers last week including a strong show on 12” to top that chart as well.

    Former Chart topper from Beats International was never in the running for a 5th week at the top, it falls 1-5 (34,000) the biggest fall since Simple Minds last year, it was overtaken by The B-52’s who are bridesmaids again on 47,000 and early week chart toppers before TOTP threw the No 1 spot Snap’s way. Candy Flip advance 6-3 (43,000) and Erasure slip a spot 3-4 (42,000) despite increasing sales.


    The only other new hit in the top 10 comes from They Might Be Giants with “Birdhouse In Your Soul”. There can’t be many songs which are essentially about a nightlight but that’s what this hit is all about sung from the perspective of the night light itself, the band have a quirky background (as you might expect) and this is the first single from their second album “Flood” which is due next week, in the meantime “Birdhouse” climbs 17-8 (27,000).

    David A Stewart & Candy Dulfer continue inch ever nearer to the top 5 as they climb 7-6 (34,000) but it’s certainly all over for the chart topping bids by New Kids On The Block who fall 5-7 (29,000) and Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers as they dive 4-9 (24,000), Michael Bolton completes the ten as he dips 8-10 (17,000).

    Next week sees the release of new singles by Jason Donovan and Madonna who go head to head with new releases not available on their albums yet- could they make the top 2 next week?

    Top 10 in pics

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  2. 2014

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    YES Snap! Legends.
  3. The 49ers are back and at Number 12...

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  4. The Inspiral Carpets finally get a hit at 14...

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  5. E-Zee Possee and Mc Kinky are at 15...

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  6. Orbital are at 17...

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  7. I prefer this to 'Touch me'!
  8. Enough is enough for Jimmy Somerville at 26...

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  9. Another week, another Stone Roses Re-issue at 34...

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  10. Jungle Brothers at 35...

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  11. Skid Row at 36...

  12. The Beloved at an undeserved Number 39...

  13. Methinks SAW were 'inspired' by this when they produced Kylie's 'What do I have to do', both absolute bangers. Number 39 is a travesty!
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  14. Banging tune! (as we used to say back in the day)
  15. 7TH APRIL


    Lots of new hits to digest this week but first to the top 3 where everything is, by way of contrast, entirely static. Snap! Make it two weeks at No 1 with “The Power” shifting another 68,000 copies, that’s an increase of 20% week on week, and they do extend their lead over The B-52’s to 26,000 from 20,000 last week so are slightly more secure, and Candy Flip get stuck in mud at No 3, again losing sales to 38,000.


    Below that it gets interesting with the new Madonna Single called “Vogue”. It takes its inspiration from the dance of the same name popular in underground gay clubs in New York which has now been exported by the singer to the mainstream and features a roll call of classic 30s-50s movie stars to accompany the stylish black and white promo which naturally being Madonna is another instantly memorable one. The song was originally written as a B-Side to the US single “Keep It Together”, a fourth release from the “Like A Prayer” album, as it was felt it needed a new track to get sales for a song available for such a long time on the album. In the end it was deemed too good to be thrown away on a B-side as instead it is issued as a standalone single and it arrives at No 4 (36,000) this week, she’s never debuted in the top 5 and not gone to No 1!


    Not had enough Belgian Dance music? Well look no further than Bizz Nizz who leap 22-8 (28,000) with “Don’t Miss The Partyline” and is another song which forms part of the ongoing trend of generating hits first in the clubs that transfer onto the charts. It’s the brainchild of Jean-Paul De Costa.


    So onto 1989’s biggest chart star Jason Donovan. His last 5 singles all debuted in the top 10 and all peaked in the top 2 and his newie “Hang On To Your Love” has started in the right vein as it debuts brightly at No 9 (27,000) and will be the second single from his new album expected in the summer. It’s another top 10 single for S/A/W/ Hit factory who have been absent from the big 10 for 5 weeks now, since Pepsi & Shirlie’s “Goodbye Stranger” entered the top 10 back in June 1987 a total of 148 chart weeks have elapsed, weeks without a hit factory record being present in it? Just 25!

    Erasure continue their slow descent 4-5 (35,000) along with a reverse gear for David A Stewart & Candy Dulfer dip 6-7 (34,000), meanwhile better news for They Might Be Giants who climb 8-6 (34,000) and see their album debut at No 14. Beats International slump 5-10 (22,000) to complete our round up but as it’s the end of the first quarter let’s see how the year is shaping up thus far!

    1- NOTHING COMPARES 2 U- Sinead O’Connor 661,000
    2- DUB BE GOOD TO ME- Beats International Featuring Lindy Layton 440,000
    3- GET UP! (BEFORE THE NIGHT IS OVER)- Technotronic Ft Ya Kid K 320,000
    4- HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU- Michael Bolton 257,000
    5- TEARS ON MY PILLOW- Kylie Minogue 245,000
    6- GOT TO HAVE YOUR LOVE- Mantronix 198,000
    7- I DON’T KNOW ANYBODY ELSE- Black Box 191,000
    8- HANGIN TOUGH- New Kids On The Block 187,000
    9- LOVE SHACK- The B-52’s 185,000
    10-TOUCH ME- 49ers 181,000

    Top 10 in pics

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  16. Queen Latifah teams up with De La Soul at 14...

  17. Jam Tronik cover Phil Collins at 19...

  18. Rebel MC goes it alone at 20...

  19. You could tell the slump was setting in for Jason, 'Hang on to your love' really wasn't a classic song, even if I do like it's melancholic undertone. He just didn't have that ability that Kylie had, to develop outside of what he was and grow as an artist.
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  20. SAW seemed to forget how to write for solo male acts (their attempts for Rick impressed him enough to go elsewhere), although you could argue whether they were always better suited to female voices and perspectives anyway (right back to Princess and Mel & Kim).

    Ten Good Reasons wasn't fantastic but it proved popular. If anything, Between The Lines was a stronger album overall, but without the highs. I guess the fanbase just didn't want more of the same, but with less chart-friendly results.
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