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90s Top 10 Sales- Week By Week 1996-1997

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Feb 2, 2020.

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    Yes it's back, the title says it all, a thread designed to "best guess" the sales week by week for 1996. We'll count down all the sounds of the year and hopefully generate a few "almost forgotten gems" along the way. As always thanks go to MFR, Vas tariner, Youtube, Wikipedia, MW, popscene, James Masterton, Discogs, and a few other sources who have helped over the years. Here's the links to to the 90s threads if this isn't your year!


    In doing this I've tried to take into account TOTP performances and other factors which may have effected sales and chart positions throughout the decade.

    The Internet can't tell me everything so I'm relying on the Popjustice oldies to throw in some pertinent facts that I may be unaware of (I was only 13 when the decade began) and to discuss the tracks. The format will be the same every week with TOTP performances where available for those songs new to the top 10. So sit back and enjoy every top 10 hit of the 90s (eventually) because we were all Wannabe's in.......

  2. Ahhhh 1996. It’s all coming back to me now!
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  3. 1996 - I'm a 26 year old qualified Accountant, checking the ledger during the day and hanging out at the gay bars in the city during the evening/weekends..Britpop is at it's height and I'm heading out to the first Virgin V Fesitval to see Pulp, Supergrass, Cast et al...the Manics return (minus one) and so does George Michael! Spice who?
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  4. I was in my first full of University and getting through some serious amounts of alcohol in preparation for leaving my teens....
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  5. Sounds like @gezza76 and I were drunk in the same gutter at this time.
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  6. I was looking at the stars though haha
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  7. But did you both stand up when loved walked in the room?
  8. 1996 was the year of my first ever concert, Celine Dions Falling Into You Tour. I was 16/17 and the year makes me think, musically, of Oasis, Spice Girls, Celine and Toni Braxton. Another great year.
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  9. It was a great year for a comeback!

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  10. Im dusting down the naughty step as we speak.......
  11. So time to remind everyone NO SPOILERS please. Please treat the thread as contemporaneous- for the purposes of this let's live in 1996 please!
  12. 13TH JANUARY


    “Earth Song” takes another hit of 35% at retail to 80,000 but retains the No 1 spot for a 6th week and is now on course to top the 900,000 mark next week even if it is unlikely to be No 1. Michael Jackson’s lead the top is still a decent one with Boyzone clinging on for a third week in the runner up spot but now on a sale of 60,000.


    Highest new entry of the week comes from former chart toppers Baby D who hit the top back in 1994 but only released one single in the whole of 1995 so can hardly be said to making hay while the sun shines. They can be excused however as the debut album “Deliverance” is out next month, meanwhile “So Pure” debuts at No 3 (48,000) to become their third top 3 single.


    “Creep 96” sounds like it should be a remix but it is the same song and version that was released as a single almost a year ago for TLC, true the CD comes with some new mixes but the package arrives at No 6 (32,000) to become their second top 10 hit following “Waterfalls” last year. It contains samples from Slick Rick’s “Hey Young World” and Shinehead’s “Who The Cap Fits” and was a US chart topper last year.

    Three tracks in the top 10 have been there for over ten weeks now racking up impressive sales on the way, Everything But The Girl boomerang 5-4 (41,000) and Oasis follow suit 6-5 (35,000) whilst Coolio dips 7-10 (24,000).

    Eternal rise to a best yet 8-7 (28,000) and Moella Featuring The Outhere Brothers aren’t done yet as they inch 10-9 (25,000). Bjork is also a heavy loser as she trips 4-8 (26,000).

    Next week sees a new George Michael single his first new track in 4 years- can it unseat Jackson?

  13. I am beyond excited for the return of George Michael.
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Creep is such a banger! Radiohead who?
  15. Wasn’t expecting this one to start so soon! 1996 was another good year (despite the GCSE’s I was having to take!). Looking forward to another trip down memory lane now.
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  16. 20TH JANUARY


    George Michael’s first solo single in 4 years and first not-for-charity release in nearly 5 years storms to No 1 this week, first performed at the MTV Europe awards in December 1994 it has taken 13 months to make it to a single release but “Jesus To A Child” proves worth the wait as it sold 113,000 copies last week to become his third solo chart topper. Factor in his duets and as a half as Wham! and he’s actually up to 10 No 1 singles, he’s been in the courts for much of the last 2 years fighting his record company (for the second time in his recording history) but lost this time around with the result that Sony sold the remainder of his contract to Virgin last summer. His first album in 6 years will be out later this year and will doubtless become a major seller.


    It seems to be the week for comebacks and Cher is getting in on the action, “One By One” was written in 1987 but recorded by Eurovision winner Johnny Logan in 1990 when it made the Irish Top 20 though it missed here. It’s included on her new album “It’s A Man’s World” which gave up its first hit with her version of Marc Cohen’s “Walking In Memphis”, No 11 last November and itself re-enters at No 36 this week. Her new single smashes in at No 7 (26,000)- her 12th top 10 single including her duets with Sonny.


    When John Powers left The La’s in 1991 he formed Cast (a name taken from the final word sung on the La’s only studio album) and set about creating a new band which obviously impressed both Elvis Costello and Oasis who gave the fledgling band support slots on their respective tours. The hits started to follow once the band were signed in 1994 with “Finetime” (No 17) and “Alright” (No 13) establishing them as a chart force. Their still on the ascendancy with third single “Sandstorm” is new at No 8 (26,000)- the album “All Change” only spent 4 weeks in the chart when it was released back in October but it’s back in the top 30 this week.


    Kool & The Gang get a sample credit on the new Coolio single “Too Hot” which is of course the follow up to the million selling “Gangsta’s Paradise” which itself leaves the top 10 after 12 straight weeks in the top flight. It debuts at No 9 (23,000) this week but only benefits the album slightly as it breezes 53-46.

    Michael Jackson is finally deposed at the top then but only drifts 1-2 (45,000), indeed the whole top 6 drop a place to make room for the new chart topper. Boyzone therefore are down 2-3 (39,000), Baby D reverse 3-4 (37,000), Everything But The Girl are off 4-5 (31,000) and Oasis dip 5-6 (27,000) though they at least have the No 1 album to comfort them. Incidentally “Missing” is now the biggest selling non No 1 since “Last Christmas with “Wonderwall” not far behind 767,000 to 726,000. TLC complete the big 10 as they fall 6-10 (21,000).

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    I looooove One By One!
  18. 27TH JANUARY


    Those Levi ads prove their power again this week in spectacular fashion! Sales are up 40% week on week and 28% of the market all bought one track- that was Babylon Zoo’s “Spaceman”. It opens at No 1 on a sale of 417,000, the second highest total of the 90s so far, though if rumours are to be believed then some punters are disappointed. The chorus is the only part played in the advert and buyers purchasing the song based on this would be disappointed to find that the techno-esque chorus then becomes a rather slower indie rock single.

    The group hail from Wolverhampton and formed in 1994 and this first release was picked up execs after being championed by a Manchester radio station who were giving it spins. It is the 7th straight song to debut at No 1 and the sixth chart topper to come as a result from the Levi ads. It spent little time pushing aside last week’s chart topper from George Michael which falls 1-2 (76,000).


    The top three is completed by a Led Zeppelin cover! “Whole Lotta Love” was never a UK single for the band though it became the groups only US top 10 single when it made No 4 in 1970. The song itself was subject to a lawsuit settled in 1985 which gave writing credits to Willie Dixon and his song “You Need Love” which contributed to the song. It was first released in the UK as a cover version by CCS in 1970 when it made No 13 though that was a largely instrumental version, and of course the song was for many years the theme to “Top Of The Pops” for much of the 1970s. The current version comes from Goldbug, a unit which includes former Beatmasters member Richard Walmsley, and this version incorporates a track called “Astroid” which film goers will recognise as the Pearl & Dean theme used in many cinemas, it races in at No 3 (62,000) to become the biggest hit version of the song.


    Michael Jackson’s former No 1 “Earth Song” dips 2-5 (33,000) as it inches ever nearer the hallowed million mark, meanwhile his nephews 3T arrive at No 4 (47,000) with their debut single “Anything”. They are the sons of Tito Jackson and wrote and produced this single themselves with an album to follow later in the year.

    The rest of the top 10 just re-arranges itself to incorporate the new entries mentioned, Cher’s “One By One” is the only winner as it stubbornly refuses to move at No 7 (29,000) below Boyzone who tumble 3-6 (30,000). Everything But The Girl drop 5-8 (28,000) and Oasis hit a wall 6-9 (26,000) though are still No 1 in the albums, and Baby D fall 4-10 (24,000).

  19. Genuinely mistook Babylon Zoo for Sleeper in the image in that post! (That’s what you get from squinting bleary eyed at a cracked iPhone screen I guess)
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  20. At the time I felt cheated by "Spaceman" as already pointed out by @gezza76 - I was expecting the whole song to be at double speed...and then to add insult to injury - after reading/watching some of his interviews: Jas Mann the leader of Babylon Zoo had an ego that was too big for outer space to hold back and contain!
    File under one hit wonders on the Levi's Jean compilation album alongside Freakpower et al
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