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90s Top 10 Sales- Week By Week 1996-1997

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  1. Gotta be No 10 for 3T.
  2. You wait ages for a song that samples Henryk Górecki's Third Symphony, then two come along at once (Garbage's "Milk" remix from November). I quite like this actually, I never bothered checking them out but there was some press about how they refused to make any music in 4/4 time and that kind of art declaration seemed a bit poncy for me.
  3. ...and that's Britpop over and done!
  4. N-Trance at 11...

  5. Livin Joy at 12...

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  6. Reef at 13...

  7. JT Playaz at 30...

  8. Silverchair at 34...

  9. Yvette Michelle at 36...

  10. Brian Kennedy at 37...

  11. Bad disco covers coming through in the charts now it seems.
  12. 12TH APRIL


    With Easter over the singles market collapses by almost a third which left the field wide open in terms of the No 1. Leading in midweek flashes was “Richard III” by Supergrass but it was overtaken at the death by R Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” which makes a dramatic bounce back 5-1 (51,000), that despite a 17% loss at retail. For Kelly as writer it marks his second chart topper as he also wrote Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone”, but more interestingly it is the first song to climb to No 1 for the first time after falling during its chart run since Gina G last year and the first to take as long as its 3rd consecutive week to make No 1 since Deep Blue Something back in October. That sales figure is however the lowest required for a chart topper since Tony Di Bart made No 1 in May 1994.


    Onto that new Supergrass single then and “Richard III” has little to do with either kings or the play but is named after the band’s habit of giving their songs names and this was the third one called Richard. You only have to wait three weeks for their second album “In It For The Money” but the campaign is off to a good start with almost 51,000 buyers last week just 300 copies behind R Kelly.


    The blessing of a Levi advert strikes again with Smoke City’s “Underwater Love” the latest track to be used by the company in its ads. The track was originally released in 1994 to minimal interest but with the right promotion it now debuts at No 4 (39,000), the song itself features a host of samples including James Brown.


    It’s a busy Spring with a new album also due in a fortnight from Depeche Mode. “It’s No Good” is now their 11th top 10 hit but the group have now put together a string of 4 top flight hits in a row- a first for them, “Ultra” should be a big seller once it hit the shops with their new hit new at No 5 (37,000).


    Makaveli is, as you may know, a new stage name adopted by 2Pac before the late rapper’s death last year, he recorded one album under the pseudonym “The Don Killuminati” which contains the single “To Live And Die In LA” itself now a top 10 hit as it strikes in at anchor position on sales of 25,000 and contains a sample of Prince’s “Do Me Baby”.

    No Doubt remain at No 3 (43,000) a position they replicate on the album charts, while the Spice Girls tumble 2-6 (34,000) and DJ Quicksilver slips up 6-7 (31,000). Sash! holds at No 9 (27,000) but The Chemical Brothers hurtle 1-8 (28,000)- that’s the second biggest fall from the top slot of the 90s behind Iron Maiden’s “Bring Your Daughter” and the biggest tumble ever for a track which debuted at No 1 the previous week.

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  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Underwater Love is so fantastic!
  14. I’d have thought the sheer erraticness of R Kelly’s run might have got my attention during this period that my memory was out of action, but no!

    Having said that I did enjoy those odd “vacuum” weeks you got - would always throw up a surprise that caught you unawares. In this case the lowest sale in almost three years explains it all.
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  15. "Hi there record store employee, could I have the new Depeche Mode single please?"
    "It's no good".
    "Oh. Maybe I'll have the Supergrass one instead then".
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  16. It's No Good - the last 10/10 Depeche Mode single.

    I remember this week well enough - my dad dropped dead running for a train. Weirdly enough my brain doesn't associate this with the R Kelly single that topped the chart. Go my brain!
  17. Oh gosh, no that's not something that will easily leave your memory.

    (It feels wrong to "like" a post where someone shares personal tragedy! So I didn't).
  18. Yes I agree...Sorry @Auntie Beryl for your loss.
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  19. The Mode track is ace, though. That's what I logged in to say.
  20. Speaking of Supergrass, it's just as well none of the band ever dated Carly Simon, otherwise she'd had written the classic track All His Songs Are Called Richard.
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