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90s Top 10 Sales- Week By Week 1996-1997

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. Geneva at 24...

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  2. Fluke at 25...

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  3. Jeremy Healey and Amos at 30...

  4. Stereophonics at 33...

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  5. We are now at roughly the point where MTV began broadcasting Superock video programming block on Monday nights, which I would stay up and record, so I'm starting to recall a lot more of the rock singles in the charts now.
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  6. great song and convinced me to buy the album which isn't bad either!
  7. Im not sure what this means. I know Roxette It Must Have Been Love was reissued in 1993 and made the top ten again. What were the other two? Were they not reissues?
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  8. Looking at the Official Charts, it seems the two chart runs of "I'll Be There For You" is counted as a single release but the two chart runs of "It Must Have Been Love" are considered as two separate singles. Might be down to cat numbers or formatting?
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  9. The official charts website is terribly inconsistent when it comes to combining, or not combining, chart runs!
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  10. Take my breath away
    I've had the time of my life

  11. I just checked Discogs for both releases of "I'll Be There For You" and the 1995 single (with The Rembrants on the cover) and the 1997 single (with the cast of Friends on the cover) share the same tracks and barcode, which is probably why the Official Charts counts the two chart runs together.

    The Roxette single has almost the same artwork, but different tracks/formats and two different cat #s and barcodes.

    However, there's 4 tracks on the Rembrandts CD single, which begs the question how they got away with that when the CIN chart rules were changed in January 1997 to limit CD singles to 3 tracks?
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  12. 7TH JUNE


    And the records start to tumble….one of the most anticipated records of the past few months finally hit the shelves and as most predicted flew back off them. Hanson are three brothers from the US aged just 11,14, and 16, their debut single “MMMBop” is as catchy a piece of pop as you can envisage and is currently No 1 on both sides of the Atlantic. So to the records…
    a) It is the first single to be No 1 simultaneously in the US and UK since Meat Loaf in 1993
    b) The first debut hit to do since Rod Stewart in 1971 with “Maggie May”
    c) The first debut release ever (Stewart having released unsuccessful singles prior to “Maggie May”)
    d) The Youngest group to top the charts since St Winifred’s School Choir in 1980
    e) The first family group to have a No 1 since the Bee Gees in 1987.

    The single sold an outstanding 260,000 copies last week that’s the biggest weekly tally of the year! It also rules the airwaves showing that this is pretty much the only record in the land right now- or you can be forgiven for thinking that at any rate!


    Having said that there was considerable interest in the first new Radiohead single in a few years, “Paranoid Android” takes its name from Douglas Adams’ character in “Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy” and was conceived as three different songs written by different members of the group then wielded together. The result has united critics and fans alike and becomes their biggest hit ever at No 3 (94,000) eventually falling behind Eternal’s “I Wanna Be The Only One” which slides 1-2 (98,000).


    Re-released with new mixes, The Sneaker Pimps “Six Underground” is the latest beneficiary of being used in a film soundtrack. This time around the film in question is “The Saint” which has already provided a No 3 hit for Orbital and now gives the Sneaker Pimps a No 9 (28,000) an improvement of 6 places on its original showing last year. It’s helped by a new collection of mixes and even features a sample of “Golden Girl” from the Goldfinger soundtrack to add that magical touch.


    George Michael’s mother died in February this year and in response he has co-written “Waltz Away Dreaming” with new artist Toby Bourke. The track is the first song released on George Michael’s own label Aegean with Bourke his first signing and was promoted via the Sun newspaper who offered readers the opportunity to hear it via a pay per listen deal when calling a number. Whether that helped with sales or not the song debuts at No 10 (27,000) to become Michael’s 16th top 10 solo single and 9th consecutively in a run that extends back to 1991.

    Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli slip 2-4 (66,000) and Rosie Gaines drifts 4-5 (63,000). Former chart toppers Olive drop 3-6 (49,000) The Rembrandts retract 5-7 (44,000) and The Cardigans are spent 6-8 (31,000).

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  13. I meant (i think) the remixes of "You Got The Love" and "Show Me Love" which took remixes to become top 10 singles again. Roxette and Rembrandts didn't have remixes.
  14. I unabashedly adore this song. I bought it first day. There's something so infectious about it and the Dust Brothers production is really fresh. The video makes me jealous I'm not living that mid-American summer lifestyle that I absolutely will never experience in central Scotland.

    I'm also 13 and I have a huge crush on the girl singer. I will have a shock reality check about myself in about a week's time when I discover there's no girls in this band.
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  15. Oh dear, Sean Maguire was such a shit pop star and his songs really were crap. This was a blatant attempt to get in on the whole britpop phase.
    I absolutely adore this song, I bought the CD single at the time and had never actually heard the Diana across original, I still prefer the Braxtons version...
  16. I was obsessed with every single from Michelle's debut but this song was so meh. I predict this may derail her singing career...
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  17. 14TH JUNE


    The brothers Hanson continue to dominate the charts with “MMMBop” proving far too popular at retail, it loses 54% in sales to record a still impressive 120,000 tally last week. The boys are in the midst of promotion for the single and album “Middle Of Nowhere” which is in shops this week and could pose a serious threat to a third week at the top for them.

    Eternal and Bebe Winans remain in the runner up spot (79,000) with Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli surfacing 4-3 (59,000). The three tracks are racking up impressive sales totals between them with Hanson on 380,000, Eternal on 327,000 and Brightman/ Bocelli on 305,000, it’s a rare feat the current top 3 all on over 300,000 sales each at that point pointing to the strength of the charts in general and the current hits in particular.


    That spells trouble for Jon Bon Jovi, his solo single “Midnight In Chelsea” narrowly fails to make the top 3 with a sale 57,000. Jon Bon Jovi’s first solo album “Blaze Of Glory” came out 7 years ago and featured music from the film “Young Guns II”, so it may come as no surprise that his new album “Destination Anywhere” also has a film to help promote and stars the man himself, Demi Moore, Kevin Bacon, and Whoopi Goldberg. The lead single is co-written by former Eurythmic Dave Stewart and is immediately the biggest solo hit by the Bon Jovi front man.


    Helped on production by the US producers Basement Boys Ultra Nate has delivered two house albums which have attracted good club reaction on both sides of the Atlantic though only three minor UK hits. Her move from Warner Bros to Strictly Rhythm now pays dividends with “Free” becoming her first major single and arriving at No 5 (45,000) and joins Rosie Gaines (No 6, 44,000) in the top 10 as big dance diva hits of the moment.


    The “Beavis And Butt-head Do America” soundtrack propelled LL Cool J to No 1 earlier this year and it now gives Red Hot Chili Peppers their biggest hit to date. A cover of the Ohio Players single “Love Rollercoaster” never charted here in 1975 though did become known for the urban legend that the scream heard during the instrumental break was the sound of a woman being murdered in the next door studio!. The Chili’s version becomes only their second top 10 single of their long career and eclipses the No 9 peak of “Give It Away” by debuting at No 7 (42,000) this week.


    Mr President are a German trio who are conquering all of Europe at present with the single “Coco Jambo”. The band’s first album generated some hits mainly in Austria/ Switzerland/ Germany but they seem to have finally made their way out of those regions with this single which serves as the first release from their second album and is new at No 8 (41,000) as the UK finally succumbs.


    The end of the month sees the latest in the “Batman” series of films, “Batman & Robin” naturally comes with its own theme and it’s The Smashing Pumpkins who get to deliver it this time around. “The End Is The Beginning Is The End” can only make No 10 (36,000) despite all the promotion, that’s already their second highest peaking single behind last year’s “Tonight Tonight” (No 8).

    Radiohead complete the top 10 by falling 3-9 (39,000).

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