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90s Top Ten Sales- Week By Week- 1994-1995

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    Yes it's back, the title says it all, a thread designed to "best guess" the sales week by week for 1994. We'll count down all the sounds of the year and hopefully generate a few "almost forgotten gems" along the way. As always thanks go to MFR, Vas tariner, Youtube, Wikipedia, MW, popscene, James Masterton, Discogs, and a few other sources who have helped over the years. Here's the links to to the 90s threads if this isn't your year!


    In doing this I've tried to take into account TOTP performances and other factors which may have effected sales and chart positions throughout the decade.

    The Internet can't tell me everything so I'm relying on the popjustice oldies to throw in some pertinent facts that I may be unaware of (I was only 13 when the decade began) and to discuss the tracks. The format will be the same every week with TOTP performances where available for those songs new to the top 10. So sit back and enjoy every top 10 hit of the 90s (eventually) because Love was really all around in

  2. As always- NO SPOILERS please as some posters follow this thread as a "live" thread and it's much more fun to live in 1994 I think we all agree...........

    NOTE: Sales used in this thread will be the sales as tallied in 1994 not the revised "94-96" sales that the OCC flit between on their usual whim.
  3. 1994 - the USA host the world cup (Hello Diana Ross - you know how to kick a ball, right?)...meanwhile, I've had enough of grunge and discovering Trip Hop in a big way....Hello Bristol!
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    1994 starts with a second week at the top for “Twist And Shout” though it sales ease just marginally to 66,000, it was never in any danger of being caught by the chasing pack, if you’re wondering where the album “Tease Me” is it’s being re-released in a fortnight and will include the track.

    It’s time at the top might be short however with D:Ream charging 10-2 (42,000) and East 17 continuing to inch nearer 4-3 (41,000).


    Highest new entry of the week comes from Culture Beat and their third release from “Serenity” entitled “Anything”. It follows the usual Culture Beat blue plan and proves the adage if isn’t broke, the song gets off to a best start yet for them by debuting at No 5 (29,000).


    In cinema’s next month “Three Musketeers” stars Charlie Sheen and Keifer Sutherland, it also comes with an all star theme in “All For Love” which is sung by Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, and Sting. The song is currently No 2 in the states and now debuts here at No 7 (25,000) instantly becoming Sting’s solo best outing ever but its Rod’s 25th top 10 hit and Adams’ 4th. It is also co-written by Adams and caps an excellent week for the Canadian who also celebrates his album “So Far So Good” finally making No 1 here although it doesn’t feature the new single. He is also now the biggest selling singles act of the 90s again having wrestled the accolade from Whitney Houston.

    K7 rises 7-4 (30,000) but heading south are Dina Carroll 5-6 (28,000), Bee Gees 6-8 (24,000) Mr Blobby 3-9 (20,000) and Take That 2-10 (19,000).

    Top 10 in pics



    Sprinting way ahead of the field D:Ream become the first new chart topper of 1994, nothing could stop “Things Can Only Get Better” from ascending to pole position as it lead from the off, the outfit is essentially vocalist Peter Cunnah and some part time musicians who now seemed to have moved into the big time. The song sold 67,000 copies last week as they become the first Northern Irish act to top the charts since Feargul Sharkey in 1985.

    K7 rise 4-3 (41,000) but they can’t catch the outgoing chart topper from Chaka Demus & Pliers which sold 46,000, challengers mount up below though with Bryan Adams/ Sting/ and Rod Stewart moving 7-4 (41,000) and Culture Beat hold at No 5 (34,000). East 17 drop 3-6 (25,000) but below them we have 4 new tracks to discuss as the new year clean out really hits home.


    Grabbing considerable critical acclaim with her debut album “Little Earthquakes” Tori Amos also scored three top 40 singles with “Crucify” becoming the biggest making No 15 in 1992. Her second album “Under The Pink” is primed and ready and first release “Cornflake Girl” establishes her as a rising star as it debuts at No 7 (24,000), CD2 is out this week and will contain covers of songs by Joni Mitchell, Billie Holliday, and Jimi Hendrix. Typically for Amos the song deals with a rather controversial issue that of female genital mutilation, wonder if the censor’s will notice or care?


    UK Girl Group’s are alive and kicking with Eternal currently flying the flag for the genre, their second single “Save Our Love” floats 12-8 (20,000) this week to give them a 100% success rate with their releases. Their album “Always And Forever” got lost in the Christmas rush peaking at No 33 before the big day but it has improved over recent weeks with the new single to promote it climbing 24-11 this week to breach the top 20 for the first time.


    Released as a half-cocked attempt at grabbing the festive top spot, Haddaway’s “I Miss You” rather underperformed initially but with the tinsel a distant memory it seems that this has turned into a winter warmer rising slowly 11-9 (20,000) in its 6th week. For all his single success the album has spent just 5 weeks on the charts peaking at No 19 though it is now being re-promoted.


    Making up for the disappointment of his last single “Pass It On” making No 35 Bitty Mclean continues to ride the current Reggae revival with “Here I Stand” which charges 21-10 (18,000). It’s also an historic week for the CD single which accounted for over 50% of all singles sold last week, a new high for the format.

    Top 10 in pics

  6. I am going to try my hardest not to join Michael Gove on the "naughty step" this year!
    I remember seeing UB40 with support from Bitty Mclean at Wembley Arena around this time - it was the "Promises and lies" tour. UB40 were really good - I wasn't too impressed by Bitty Mclean though!
  7. A special call out to @Scoundrel_Days who may wish to do a "peaking outside the top ten" feature as we go along through 1994!
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  8. 15th Jan

    DJ Duke at 15...

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  9. Ce Ce Peniston at 16...

  10. The The at 17...

  11. Wet Wet Wet at 20...

  12. Terrorvision at 29...

  13. One Dove at 30...

  14. Cyndi Lauper at 32...

  15. Tag Team at 34...

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  16. Alison Limerick at 36...

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  17. Lisa B at 39...

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  18. Tasmin Archer at 40...

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  19. 22nd Jan

    Def Leppard at 14...

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