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90s Top Ten Sales- Week By Week- 1994-1995

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  1. Urban Species at 35...

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  2. Manic Street Preachers at 36...

  3. Cud at 37...

  4. Snoop Doggy Dogg at 39...

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  5. jtm


    I love this year. Return to Innocence was a great single and video. And I wrongly remembered Anything by Culture Beat to have been a much bigger hit.
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    Dramatic happenings in the chart this week as a new entry debuts at No 1 and for the first time in chart history it belongs to a female solo act! Yes Mariah Carey writes herself into UK chart history as her cover of the Badfinger song “Without You” sold an impressive 76,000 last week to sweep all competition aside. It was doubtless helped by the approach of Valentine’s Day in its sales, the single is the third release from her “Music Box” album which is itself back in the top 3 and marks Carey’s first chart topper. Her UK success still lags well behind her US Chart trajectory where 8 of her 11 releases have made number one and this single has now entered the top 10 there, expect it to climb further! The song was of course more famously a chart topper in 1972 for Harry Nilsson who died tragically of heart failure just last month, his version has been re-issued to mark his passing and enters at the less illustrious No 65 this week.

    Everything else in the top 5 drops a place to accommodate the new arrival, D:Ream dip 1-2 (47,000), Toni Braxton suffocates 2-3 (45,000), Enigma dissolve 3-4 (42,000) and Celine Dion is powerless as she falls 4-5 (42,000). The real winner out of those are Enigma who see their album “Cross Of Changes” debut strongly at No 1.


    Cappella are on a roll at present with a third straight top 10 single, “Move On Baby” appears this week at No 7 (37,000) and will be a big money spinner for the group if only because it is an original composition unlike their previous two sample heavy hits. The album “U Got 2 Know” is out in a fortnight and will evidence whether they can make dance music sell in the album format.


    2 Unlimited’s last single “Let The Beat Control Your Body” is also a new entry at No 9 (22,000) making up for the disappointment of their last hit “Maximum Overdrive” becoming their smallest hit to date when it peaked at No 15. It’s a fifth cut from the “No Limits” album which has established the duo as one of the biggest acts of the last year, the pair have reported almost completed their third album which will be available in the summer. All but two of their 9 singles thus far have made the top flight, an enviable rate by any one’s standards.

    Aretha Franklin ebbs 5-6 (40,000), Bryan Adams/ Rod Stewart & Sting sink 6-8 (26,000) and Reel 2 Reel are down 9-10 (22,000).

    Top 10 in pics

  7. One of their finest singles, if you ask me.
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  8. Crowded House at 12...

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  9. The Cranberries at 14...

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  10. Urban Cookie Collective at 18...

  11. Sasha at 19...

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  12. The Proclaimers at 21...

  13. NKOTB at 27...

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  14. Saint Etienne at 28...

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  15. Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince at 29...

  16. The Wildhearts at 31...

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  17. Bill Tarmey at 40...



    Mariah Carey had an easy week of it helped by the hype of breaking chart records which saw “Without You” sell 109,000 copies a new high for the year. You’d think that the album may be neglected with the single doing so well but on the contrary it leaps 3-1 to top the charts for the first time since it was released last September enabling Carey to be the first female solo act to pull off the double since Madonna 5 years ago. The most famous version of the song by Nilsson meanwhile climbs 65-49.


    Whilst no-one was anywhere near Carey this week indie darlings Suede’s new single “Stay Together” was making the running in the No 2 position for most of the week before failing at the weekend and entering at No 3 (36,000) after it was overtaken at the death by D:Ream (38,000). The single is not taken from their debut album and has been touted by some sections of the music press as pretty much the best thing in some years and justifies the hype by becoming their biggest single to date. Expect their second album by Christmas. Incidentally the 71,000 that separate the top 2 is the biggest margin since Whitney and Michael Jackson fought it out at Christmas 1992.


    Ace Of Base have struggled here after the huge success of the 600,000 selling “All That She Wants” last year which made No 1 for 3 weeks, follow up singles have peaked at No 20 and No 42 and the group seemed to be confined to the one hit wonder pot of chart history. They have however managed to become a big hit in the US where the song made No 2 at the end of last year and now have a follow up single “The Sign” reach the same position there this week being held off by Celine Dion. That’s caused another surge of interest here in the song and with a record label smelling sales they’ve withdrawn the album with a view to relaunch it after the giving the single a push and it dutifully debuts at No 7 (29,000).

    Enigma hold at No 4 (36,000) as Toni Braxton falls 3-5 (30,000) but Bryan Adams/ Rod Stewart & Sting reclimb 8-6 (30,000) as the film hits our cinema’s. 2 Unlimited must be unhappy with their modest improvement 9-8 (26,000) and similarly Cappella head straight down 7-10 (24,000) whilst Celine Dion slides 5-9 (25,000) but as noted is the current US chart topper and has her album out this week.

    Top 10 in pics

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  19. Yes that is the dumper behind you lads - and you're heading straight for it - so give me a big smile everyone! Take That, anyone?!
  20. Meat Loaf at 11...

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