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90s Top Ten Sales- Week By Week- 1994-1995

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  1. Dorothy at 31...

  2. Morrissey at 36...

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    A tight week turned into a tough battle between The Beatles and Michael Jackson with the latter finally winning out. “Earth Song” had to improve sales by 39% to 149,000 to remain top of the pile helped on, if that’s the phrase, by Jackson’s collapse and hospitilisation this week which led to some erroneous news reports that he’d actually died! A second CD version with remixes of “Wanna Be Startin Something” also aided his case, “HIStory” is also back in the top 10 rising 13-9 as sales rapidly approach the million mark.


    He wasn’t the midweek No 1 however because that belonged to the most successful group ever on the British chart- The Beatles. “Free As A Bird” was promoted as the first new Beatles single in 25 years but it actually dates back to 1977 as a John Lennon demo which his widow Yoko Ono gave to McCartney for the “Anthology” project and to which he, Starr and Harrison added their contributions. The song rushed into the lead but floundered as the week progressed selling 120,000 copies to debut at No 2.

    The remainder of the top 5 are tight packed with Boyzone rebounding 5-3 (89,000), total sales now 257,000, Everything But The Girl spend an 8th week in the top 10 selling 496,000 in total including a massive 83,000 last week (an increase of 48% week on week) and Coolio drops 3-5 (82,000) as he moves over 900,000 copies. Even Coolio is up week on week- Christmas must be on its way!


    Two acts with Greatest hits packages currently charting are Janet Jackson (No 18) and Luther Vandross (No 36) and some may recall that back in 1992 they duetted on “The Best Things In Life Are Free” which went all the way to No 2 behind Snap!’s “Rhythm Is A Dancer”. Now remixed by K-Klass (who revitilised Bobby Brown’s career earlier his year) the song is given new life and becomes a top 10 single all over again powering in at No 7 (45,000).

    Robson & Jerome cave 2-6 (82,000) but hold the album top spot on another eye watering sale of 279,000 to sell its millionth copy in just 26 days- the fastest ever time to reach the milestone!

    Bjork keeps pottering about the lower top 10, this week “It’s Oh So Quiet” inches 9-8 (43,000) meaning that it has moved 9-8-9-8 so far, and Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men retract 6-10 (38,000) indicating that it won’t be repeating its US success here.


    At No 9 (41,000) is the only other new entry and it comes from the Childliners who as you might suspect are a conglomeration of acts put together in aid of the Childline charity, stars to appear here include Boyzone, Dannii Minogue and East 17 among others. “The Gift Of Christmas” was written by manager Tom Watkins and East 17’s Tony Mortimer.

    Next week will see entries by Smokin Mojo Filters, Queen and Frank Bruno enter the race for the Festive chart topper!

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  4. Whigfield at 21...

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  5. Simply Red at 22...

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  6. Mary J. Blige at 23...

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  7. Menswear at 24...

  8. Pearl Jam at 25...

  9. Jinny at 30...

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  10. Fluke at 32...

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  11. Suggs at 33...

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  12. Bill Waddington and the Cast of Coronation Street at 35...

  13. Mr.Blobby at 36...

  14. Oleta Adams at 38...

  15. I seem to remember some sort of delay in the Whigfield single coming out, I'm positive that there was press ads saying 13th November (and Big Time was on Now 32 which came out Nov 20th). Did they hold it back to give Last Christmas a good go or something?
  16. No Idea on that one- sorry


    The Beatles are defeated and now the only thing that stands in Michael Jackson’s way of a Christmas chart topper is a novelty version of Oasis’ “Wonderwall”. “Earth Song” racked up another 150,000 copies last week to grab a third week at the top and take total sales of the track to 415,000, album “HIStory” also improves 9-4 and will sell its millionth copy this week wrapping up a fantastic year for the singer. It is also now Jackson’s longest chart topper!

    The Beatles drift 2-3 (86,000) which means that surprisingly Boyzone move 3-2 (97,000) as it seems to connect with buyers just at the right time! Boyzone were of course in the top 5 last Christmas so it is clearly a market that they seem to understand.

    Talking about connecting at the right time that seems to be the story for Bjork who suddenly sprints 8-4 (75,000) to overtake Everything But The Girl who slip 4-5 (69,000).


    The only new entry comes predictably from Queen and a song which was one of the last recorded by Mercury, “A Winter’s Tale” isn’t a cover of the David Essex track but a new composition reputedly written by Mercury whilst in hospital in Geneva, it becomes their 23rd top 10 single by debuting at No 6 (68,000) and now they have only the Beatles ahead of them in terms of top tenners by UK groups, they have 26!

    Coolio drops 5-7 (67,000) and Robson & Jerome slide 6-8 (67,000), the two tracks still seemingly in eternal battle with each other, both are over 900,000 and both should sell their millionth copy this week. There is less competition on the album front where Coolio is yet to sell his 100,000 copy but the Soldier Soldier boys sold another astonishing 316,000 copies to come within 50,000 copies of Oasis and bagging the biggest album of the year with just 5 weeks since release.

    Childliners hold steady at No 9 (41,000) and Oasis return to the top 10 bouncing 11-10 (39,000) just in time for that rival version to chart.

    So all eyes on next week’s chart and the prize of the Christmas chart topper- can Mike Flowers pops do it?- they have advance orders of over 200,000 and they’ll need them all to outdo Jacko!

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  18. The Levellers at 12...

  19. The Smokin Mojo Filters at 19...

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  20. Crescendo at 20...

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