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90s Top Ten Sales- Week By Week- 1994-1995

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. L.V at 24...

  2. Jimmy Nail at 33...

  3. Mary Kiani at 35...

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  4. Pauline Henry at 37...

  5. Motiv 8 and Kym Mazelle at 40...

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    The Christmas chart arrives and as per usual sales surge upward and that includes the festive chart topper which this year goes to……Michael Jackson! “Earth Song” sold another 262,000 (a 74% increase week on week) to take the title and now has total sales of 677,000 enabling Jackson to have back to back platinum hits for the first time in his long career. The single should also overtake “One Day In Your Life” next week as his personal best seller, the album “HIStory” also becomes a million seller bang on cue!


    Jacko’s nearest challenger was Mike Flowers Pops, some rather harshly refer to the outfit as a joke but over the past few years they’ve made a living turning classics and modern tracks into easy listening songs and have created something of a niche following. As part of Radio 1’s “Hits Of 1995” series Kevin Greening’s show asked the group to cover a recent hit and they decided on Oasis’ “Wonderwall” (which itself is back 10-7, 69,000) and the recording was championed by Chris Evans who made it record of the week. A Christmas campaign was soon underway and it duly arrives at No 2 (186,000) this week despite fading as the week progressed. Still they’d be pleased no doubt.


    Meanwhile at the bottom of the top 10 are Eternal who score a sixth top 10 single from 8 releases with “I Am Blessed”. The song has drifted about the top 20 so far with a trajectory of 13-12-13 as it struggled to move in the face of new releases but with a quieter week this time around it finally moves 13-10 (47,000). The album “Power Of A Woman” has also improved over recent weeks 23-17-16-13.

    Several other hits have very good weeks at least at retail, Boyzone drift 2-3 (165,000, up 71%) whilst Bjork holds at No 4 (94,000 up 26%) and Everything But The Girl also remain steady (74,000) with total sales almost an amazing 700,000 in total.

    Coolio goes back up 7-6 (70,000) as he passes the million mark. The only two records to lose sales are from the Beatles 3-8 (59,000) and Robson & Jerome who dip 8-9 (59,000) but limp over the 1 million mark becoming only the second act after Frankie Goes To Hollywood to sell a million copies of both their first two singles. It’s also worth noting that their album sold a simply astonishing 483,000 copies last week- no album EVER sold as many copies in a week as Robson & Jerome did in the last 7 days rounding off an amazing year for the pair.

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  7. Michael Barrymore at 25...

  8. Frank Bruno (apparently!!!) at 28...

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  9. Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel at 33...

  10. Some amazing sales there (excluding the still nightmarish R&J ones, but as that’s albums I’m ignoring it!).

    I remember MFP being a really genuine threat to Jacko for this year’s accolade. Looks like he did at least push him close at the start of the week.

    And 165k for no 3! @gezza76 is that the biggest ever sale for the third placed record (previously ABBA in 1981)?
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  11. Yes- BUT 1995 comes with a health warning- at some point CIN (later the OCC) decided at some point that the period 94-96 had been overestimated so reduced figures. So whilst as we speak in 1995 it is a record but probably not considered one nowadays if that makes sense.
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    1995 was an amazing year, a year in which single and album sales really exploded after a sluggish 90s so far. Finishing the year on top is Michael Jackson who has now spent 5 weeks at No 1 and has sold just over 800,000 copies of “Earth Song” including 123,000 last week. That makes it his personal best seller as well as the 6th biggest seller of 1995, Jackson also overtakes Madonna as the second biggest selling singles act of the 90s so far trailing only Take That as he moves over the 3 million mark in total sales since 1990.

    Jackson’s sales are off a mighty 53% but as you might expect everything loses sales with Christmas sales all crammed into last week. Boyzone bounce back 3-2 (104,000) as they swap places with Mike Flowers Pops (99,000) and for a third week Bjork is No 4 (64,000) and Everything But The Girl are No 5 (56,000). With Oasis climbing 7-6 (54,000) and Coolio falling 6-7 (47,000) the top 10 is filled with massive sellers, “Father & Son” is now on 620,000, “It’s Oh So Quiet” has sold just over 400,000, “Missing” has sold just under 700,000 whilst “Wonderwall” is on 664,000- massive numbers considering none of them have been No 1.

    Coolio and Robson & Jerome are of course both over a million (“Up On The Roof/ I Believe” holds at No 9, (47,000) whilst the rather newer Eternal are still on the up 10-8 (47,000). The R & J album incidentally sold another 216,000 copies last week to become the first album to sell over 2 million in a year and is No 1 for a 7th straight week, the longest run for 4 years. Singles wise the duo are already the 5th biggest act of the decade- a phenomenal achievement in just 7 months.


    The only new track to consider comes from Italian DJ Molella and features none other than The Outhere Brothers who are no strangers to the top 10 themselves, this their fourth appearance there in 10 months. “If You Wanna Party” is another song that struggled in the run up to Christmas but as those New Year’s parties rolled around it found its feet and has progressed 18-18-16-10 selling 36,000 in its last frame. The Outhere Brothers “new” album” (essentially a scaled down version of their previous one but featuring this new track) lifts 67-41 but they still have issues in breaking the album market given their phenomenal singles success.

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  13. Up next the top 10 singles acts of the year!
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  14. Pizzaman at 23...

  15. Green Day at 26...

  16. Q-Club at 28...

  17. Billie Ray Martin at 29...

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  18. Eazy-E at 32...

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