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90s Top Ten Sales- Week By Week- 1994-1995

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. I mean, I get what they were doing releasing this. It was never a UK single. It's brilliant. It has a beautiful video. It was promoting 'Something to remember'. But, it was also 6 years old and the moment to release it had long passed. She had 'I want you'. It even had a video. But, no...
  2. So here are the top 10 singles acts of 1995

    10. SIMPLY RED (810,000)


    To some extent this was always going to be a huge comeback, Simply Red still have the biggest album of the decade with 3 million copies of "Stars" sold so that follow up was a guaranteed moment of anticipation and lead track "Fairground" didn't disappoint. It became their first No 1 single and biggest personal best seller, the album "Life" spent no time in following it to the top and has so far sold 1.5 million in a matter of months, second single "Remembering The First Time" got lost in the Christmas rush missing the top 20 but I'm sure more hits will follow.


    09. N-TRANCE (838,000)


    The second biggest dance act of the year it took a re-issue of their track "Set You Free" to start them off but it became the first of two tracks to make No 2 for them during 1995. A cover (of kinds) of "Stayin Alive" provided their other chart hit- can they get even bigger in 1996?


    08. COOLIO (1,109,000)


    Here on the strength of his first UK hit "Gangsta's Paradise" remains in the top 10 as we speak after moving 1.1 million copies with a film to help promote it. It spent a fortnight at No 1 and recorded the highest sale for a track at No 3 certainly since 1980. People haven't been convinced enough (yet) to buy a whole album and that remains outside the top 40 but who knows if this is the start of a superstar?


    07. BOYZONE (1,130,000)


    In the ongoing battle of the boybands there is undoubtedly a new name to be contended with and that's these guys. They opened the year at No 2 with "Love Me For A Reason" and ended it there again with "Father And Son" in between grabbing themselves two No 3 hits and a chart topping album in "Said And Done". A great year, and with East 17 floundering perhaps these are now the biggest challengers to Take That's crown?


    06. CELINE DION (1,264,000)


    If 1994 was the year the UK finally accepted Mariah Carey then 1995 has to be the year that Dion broke through here. Long stayer "Think Twice" became her first No 1 when it spent 7 weeks at the top in February/March (selling a million) and helped parent album "The Colour Of My Love" to the same position en route to sales of over 1.5 million. Two top ten singles followed and one was even sung in French which still didn't put us off surprisingly- with a new album due in 1996 it could be the year when Carey and Dion go head to head in the diva stakes!

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  3. 05. TAKE THAT (1,386,000)


    Five may now be 4 but the selling power of Take That actually increased in 1995 thanks in the main to "Back For Good" which became a month long chart topper in the Spring as well as their personal best seller so far. Robbie Williams' departure in July created waves in the pop world but the next single "Never Forget" spent no time calming nerves as it too arrived at No 1 for a three week stay. A massive stadium tour and a No 1 album in "Nobody Else" saw the threat of both Boyzone and East 17 off and they remain the biggest selling singles act of the 90s so far, this marks the 4th year on the trot that the boys end the year in this top 10.


    04. THE OUTHERE BROTHERS (1,531,000)


    Perhaps the surprise is that this duo miss the top 3? Marrying controversial and sexually explicit lyrics to dance songs proved a lucrative exercise for the group who saw their first two singles "Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle)" and "Boom Boom Boom" both making the top spot even if they failed to sell albums. Subsequent releases have started to miss the mark but "LaLaLa Hey Hey" and "If You Wanna Party" still hit the top 10- what does 1996 hold for the pair?

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  4. 03. MICHAEL JACKSON (1,760,000)


    He certainly seemed to silence the naysayers who thought his career might be tarnished by those allegations back in 1993, Jackson backed his new album with a kind of "Greatest Hits" compilation which was a clever move to guarantee sales. First release "Scream" disappointed at No 3 but subsequently "You Are Not Alone" became a No 1 and then of course he got the biggie- The Christmas chart topper in the form of "Earthsong" which has now spent 5 weeks at the top on the way to becoming his personal best seller ever! This is Jackson's biggest ever yearly tally after 1983 just to reinforce what a comeback this has been.


    02. OASIS (1,901,000)


    The Gallagher Brothers et al exploded into the A League of popstars this year with THAT pop battle against Blur in August, and whilst they lost that scrap it was clear by the end of the year that Oasis were the victors. The stall was set out early when "Some Might Say" became their first No 1 and while "Roll With It" and "Wonderwall" lost out on top billing they actually sold increasing amounts of copies when all was said and done. They also kept on selling their back catalogue which augments their total here, the second album "(What's The Story) Morning Glory" also powered its way to 1.6 million sales in just two and a half months- Take that Blur!

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  5. 01. ROBSON AND JEROME (2,892,000)


    Where to start with this duo? I doubt anyone could have foreseen just how big Robson & Jerome would have been before the debut single "Unchained Melody/ White Cliffs Of Dover" but that single really took off selling over 460,000 a week at its peak and 1.6 million before it left No 1 7 weeks later! It is now officially the biggest selling single of the year and of the 90s to date such is their appeal. Couldn't be followed up? Think again, another double A-Side "I Believe/ Up On The Roof" became another No 1 and another million seller- the first act since Frankie Goes To Hollywood to score two million sellers from their first two releases. Couldn't sell albums? Think again- it became the fastest album to sell firstly 1 million then 2 million and all within just 7 weeks- simply put a sales phenomenon. That total sales in a calendar year is also the highest since FGTH's 1984 tally.

  6. That's it folks- Thanks for all your contributions to the thread and indeed in 2019- Merry Christmas!
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  7. Thanks @gezza76 for another fantastic thread. 1995 was one of those really memorable chart listening years for me and one I always look back on fondly.

    The great britpop battle in August was just fantastic. The fact it took place during that year’s long hot summer just adds a touch of nostalgia to it.

    The way the chart changed with every number one (bar one) since April going straight in at the top was interesting, yet the year started with a song that took sixteen weeks to get there.

    The only downside was the horrific appearance of Robson & Jerome. I’m still at a loss as to how/why they sold in the quantities they did! Even worse was the fact they kept Common People off the top. The only bright spot was that the difference in sales between the two was as big as an ocean!

    Roll on 1996!
  8. Simon Cowell. TV exposure. Cynical timing (50th Anniversary of VE Day).

    They were literally a dry run for what he'd achieve the following decade.
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  9. Talking of which (the VE day anniversary), anyone remember the day-long Radio 1 R.A.V.E Day on the special bank holiday on May 8th1995? Was a glorious 24 hour mix of dance/pop/rave tracks - I had part of it taped onto cassette from the radio and then found this guy had uploaded almost the exact same section I'd recorded. (The deeper cuts happened later that night)

  10. Thanks again @gezza76 these 90s sales charts are my favourite threads on the forum, so much nostalgia in 1 thread. Does anyone know the reason why Earth Song was never released in the US? After becoming his biggest ever hit in the UK it seems so strange not to release it in America...
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  11. More than likely to encourage sales of the album...unless the label never even serviced it to radio?
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  12. You Are Not Alone was notably and very cynically released commercially the same week the single peaked at airplay so it debuted at #1 on the Hot 100. It was one of the reasons (along with some songs hitting #1 on the Airplay chart - such as Don't Speak by No Doubt - but never being eligible for the Hot 100 due to no single release in stores) that the Hot 100 rules were changed in late 1998 to allow airplay-singles.

    Like hamicle said, Earth Song was probably held back to encourage album sales.
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  13. But I don't feel like it was even serviced to radio. I know there was a theme in the 90s to service songs to radio and not release them commercially like Don't Speak, Love Fool, Torn, All I Want For Christmas, Butterfly etc but it just seemed like Earth Song was ignored which is so strange considering it was so huge everywhere.
  14. The remixes charted in the US dance/club play charts. Perhaps You Are Not Alone's chart run was too long and they were ready to move on to new things.

    Or, cynically, they likely thought that Earth Song's message wouldn't go down well in conservative America?
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  15. Thanks so much for the great thread.
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  16. Seconded, I've loved this one more than the rest - its the first year I've really been able to bring my first hand memories in.
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  17. I know this post is nearly a year old but I finally have time to read through and discover songs I'm not familiar with now we in isolation etc.
    I just came to say wtf at the Warren G/Nate Dogg track with Michael McDonald. For my entire life up until now I have never heard this version or knew it was a thing! I'm assuming it was just in the UK?
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  18. Haha not sure but it was certainly the main version in the UK at radio.
  19. I'm sure Michael McDonald was delighted...at least with the royalties. I never made the connection, perhaps because I avoided music like that in the 90s!

    (I Keep Forgettin' actually dates from 1982 and was a US hit then, but didn't chart here until a reissue in 1986 to cash in on the success of his duet with Patti LaBelle).
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