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A Decade of Diamonds: The Marina Discography Rate (WILL ACCEPT BALLOTS TIL 8PM GMT SUNDAY)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by əʊæ, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Listening to The Family Jewels Electra Heart today drained the hell out of me. Being reminded of what my life was like when I first got into Marina vs. now combined with trying not to die in a hurricane... what an experience.
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  2. I've just done some provisional scoring for this (couldn't miss rating one of Britain's best exports) and it's just reminded me of what a fantastic discography Marina has. I have so many memories attached to a lot of these songs. Electra Heart really is that girl.
  3. It is, but my favourite version is the 2011 one:

    I like I'm Not Hungry Anymore but it's not as amazing to me as others seem to think. Still, it could have replaced Better Than That on Froot (sonically it's quite similar) and the album would be improved slightly.

    Is Please Don't Call Me available in HQ anywhere?
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  4. Someone's done a clean-up/upscale and it sounds nice on my phone speakers. It seems to be up on sites which distribute train tickets, so, unfortunately, posting it on the forum is a no-go.

    I'm dying at people trying to sell the final version for 5 000. That seems... optimistic.
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  5. By saying this you've cosmically doomed yourself to never get into the PJSC top 3 ever again.
  6. I'm convinced our lovely host chose these extras/bonus tracks just to troll us because I never want to listen to any of those songs again while I would give Scab and Plaster, I'm Not Hungry Anymore, Sinful, Miss Y, and Please Don't Call Me all 10s in a heartbeat.

    Loving the rate and the unreleased songs showcases tho!!
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  7. I'm listening to Froot and then there's just Love + Fear. Should send it still tonight.

    only ONE ballad tanked so far sis did THAT
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  8. Okay, one more ballot and I can spill some more tea. Meanwhile - a post looking back on The Family Jewels incoming (it ended up a little short, but fear not, my research for the other three albums was more successful.)
  9. [​IMG]

    In her own words:

    “I think I’ll probably end up as a hypocrite because anyone who opens their mouth, genuinely freely, probably will. I’ll be criticised in the future. But I’m so young and I have no idea what that world really is like and so I maybe naively comment at the moment.”


    “I feel like the songs I identify with most - not the ones I think are the best, but the ones that speak to me - are "I Am Not A Robot", "Mowgli's Road" and "Hollywood.”


    “When I was a 21 I was an idiot, I remember wanting Brody Dalle's voice so I started smoking and shouting all the time... but it never worked, and now I'm just stuck with a bad habit. I think when you're young the image you have of yourself is sometimes different to who you actually are, so what you want to be is perhaps not what you are going to be. Plus, because I was really ambitious at the time, I saw pop music as a way to expand upon those desires and plans.”


    “It just seems like people who don’t try in life, it kind of works for them. But because I wanted it so badly on my first album, and also because I’m a bigmouth and I like to say ridiculous things, when you don’t meet your own expectations or you don’t achieve the things you’ve said you want to achieve, you feel like a failure. And quite frankly I still am in my head, because I know where I want to go.”
    On its ninth year, I appreciate The Family Jewels more than I ever had. This stuck-up pretentious creature with palpable hunger for success riddled with anxieties and conservative hang-ups. Pop culture was her forbidden fruit (pardon the pun) and she mashed it up with fatalistic humour, confusion, and family traumas. At thirteen, I took three most straightforward songs (I Am Not A Robot, Oh No!, Hermit the Frog) and run. At twenty three, I cherish every one of them, bristling with creativity, unnecessarily confrontational, spiked with impetus which could only be born from false confidence.

    my average: 8.43
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Considering your track record this might be a big one nonetheless. Let me prevent being a ruin and wait which ballad it is you tanked.
  12. Scores sent!

    THE FAMILY JEWELS standard 7,62 - with bonus tracks 7,30 ( 10x6 , 3x3 )
    ELECTRA HEART standard 7,50 - with bonus tracks 7,55 ( 10x3 , 2x1 )
    FROOT standard 7,92 - with bonus tracks 8,00 ( 10x3 , 4x1 )
    LOVE + FEAR 6,31 ( 10x3 , 0x1 )

    So Froot is confirmed as my fave. The correct outcome tbh. The Family Jewels has more 10s but also a few clunkers so as much as I love it, it's far from perfect.
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  13. Oh shit I have a week to do this.
  14. I just have Love + Fear, which shouldn't take me as long as I don't have as many thoughts commentary wise for it since I've had far less time with the songs as opposed to her other albums. A lot of "I like this part and that part", etc.
  15. I've realised because of this rate that The Family Jewels isn't as good as I remember thanks to it containing a number of duff and boring tracks. The good stuff on there is great though.
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  16. Oh. just remember voting closes the 17th of September.
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  17. I hate to tell you, but I'm nearly done scoring!!!
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  18. Indeed.


    I'm too lazy to tag people again. Might let this flop, at least for now.

    Let's take a look at the leaderboard after 12 voters (still more than my last rate ddd)

    - the winner remains unchanged with the former runner-up flopping out of top 5
    - 8 songs remain with an average above 9 and 1 drops below 5
    - each album has at least one song in the top 20
    - clearly only one extra can be thriving at a time and it's a completely different one this time
    - Electra Heart leads the distribution of 11s with 5, Froot and Jewels are tied second with 3, and L+F still has 1
    - some songs that were top 10 in 2015 are so far away from it now it's not funny
    - my fave from Electra Heart is barely holding onto top 40 ffs
  19. I sincerely hope the general outcome will be different from the previous rate because I took a look at it and

  20. Oh giant, flaccid members. Now I've got to pick my 11.
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