A-Ha UK Singles Rate 1984 - 2022 Winner Revealed, It Was Always The TV!

Prepping my next rate as I am away next week, so getting ready for a week on Monday.

Tracks ellgible are as follows
Take On Me 1984
Take On Me 1985
Sun Always Shines On TV
Train Of Thought
Hunting High & Low (Remix)
I've Been Losing You
Cry Wolf
Manhattan Skyline
Living Daylights
Stay On These Roads
Blood That Moves The Body
You Are The One (Remix)
Crying In The Rain
I Call Your Name
Early Morning
Move To Memphis
Blood That Moves The Body (Gun Mix)
Dark Is The Night
Shapes That Go Together
Summer Moved On
Cosy Prisons
Nothing Is Keeping You Here
Foot Of The Mountain
Butterfly Butterfly
Under The Make-Up
Forest Fire
The Wake
Cast In Steel
Objects In The Mirror
This Is Our Home (Unplugged)
I'm In
You Have What It Takes

Extras (No UK Release could be found)

Love Is Reason
Minor Earth, Major Sky
Forever Not Yours
Did Anyone Approach You
Take On Me (Kygo Remix)

Points scoring
As with all my rates Your favourite track can be given 12 points, 2nd favourite track 11 Points then below that
any points score between 1 and 10 with decimal points allowed.

Videos and Record sleeves with the chart information will be added starting 9th October.
This is to give you a head start.
Rate will be open until Monday 27th November and the reveals shall start soon after that.