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A Hard Rate's Night: The Beatles Rate - #45, comrades

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, May 10, 2021.


    As they say, I get by with a little help from my friends. Interested in voting?

    @Untouchable Ace

    That ought to be enough for now, if anyone knows anyone else who might appreciate this rate, feel free to tag 'em in.
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  2. I appreciate the thought and invitation! But I just have absolutely no interest in their music at this point in time, sorry!
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  3. Oh, I could probably do this from memory alone.
  4. Pedigree of rate host and artist checked and verified. I'll be in... eventually.

    (I might as well mention now that I'm much less keen on the Beatles than I once was... such has been the Mojoesque deification overkill/reissue bellendery/price gouging surrounding the band and its members that I tuned out years ago. I think I lost my love, in fact. It'll be interesting to go back and reassess. I can, however, see a couple of 4s being handed out unless something unexpected happens. Loads of 9s and 10s too, of course!)
  5. Sorry love but I am not a Beatles gay. Revolver is nice. That's all I know. And I'm at peace with that. I know that's likely my loss - have a good rate!
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  6. I’m so in! Even though they have so many brilliant songs, this is probably my easiest 11 ever.
  7. Hmm, went through this songlist with my Mom last night in the car and we both knew at least 75% by name alone, her more like 90% so you might get two ballots if you allow for it.
  8. Yep, two ballots will be cool if you'd like to do that.
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  9. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    I’ll give it a go because I guess I’d be a bad Scouser if I didn’t. John and Paul met on the field behind my old primary school ddd.
  10. I am sorry, but I am not interested in voting and it all has to do with the band itself. So let me state more clearly that anyone who is doubting to vote here, they should vote cause I know from experience this host brings the a-game in reveals, background information and overall pleasure experience!
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  11. In other news, the first installment of TOP 20 BEATLES SONGS (THAT AREN'T IN THIS RATE) will be coming up tomorrow!

    As before, any further suggestions/discussions on this matter are welcome. (It's a hard ask for me to not just throw all of Revolver into there and call it a day, let me tell you.)
  12. Their remake of Lolly's She Loves You was sadly less successful.
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  13. Well, I didn't get tagged, but as one of the #oldladsofpopjustice, I should give it a go.
  14. OOOOOH I am definitely in for this, huge Beatles fan here.
  15. Going on nothing more than my own preferences, I don't like the Giles Martin remasters AT ALL. They made the Beatles sound like an ordinary Dadrock band, everything in the places you'd expect from a 90s production. If the idea was to make the band sound "contemporary" and so the music would fit in with today's playlists and stuff, then wayhey they succeeded I guess.

    As a big Macca Beatles kind of person, sad to see the likes of Good Day Sunshine and Got To Get You Into My Life (possibly my all-time Beatles tune) missing from the main rate, but hey ho. I understand.
  16. For me, it's Martha My Dear. But I do agree cuts had to be made.
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  17. Another favourite here too.
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  18. I think my biggest wah wahs for songs not here are Because, Julia, I’m So Tired, and Rocky Raccoon. Maybe I just adore The White Album an exorbitant amount more than all the others dddd.
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