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A Hard Rate's Night: The Beatles Rate - #46: We Are Number One, HEY!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, May 10, 2021.

  1. We are now, as we approach our final full day of voting (tomorrow!), up to 10 sets of votes.

    As of now, the top 10 is somewhat predictable... the order isn't. The winner is certainly not quite what I expected (but it's still one of my 10's, so I'm not complaining). And further down the list, a lot of songs I expected might go further crash out early. It's refreshing getting a list order different from the Mojo standard, I suppose!

    (PS. The winner is currently sitting at 9.9, with only one person not giving it a 10. The bottom has 5.875... with #59 having a 6.4... ouch.)
  2. I genuinely have no idea what the winner would be? I don’t think there’s an obvious one, but then again, it’s not like there’s a lot of Beatles discussion on here and that makes it difficult (and therefore more fun!) to work out if there’s one song in particular most people would agree on!
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  3. Yeah, it's a total mystery to me as well. I could see Hey Jude doing well. It's well known, has a big singalong chorus, and it's not too guitary.
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  4. @Ironheade - I was all set to take part and get a ballot to you this weekend but moving to my new place made it impossible to listen to anything. My 2 days of painting turned into 5 days of painting and I still have lots of packing to do. I’ll come and like everything as often as I can, and read your wonderful pieces too! Have fun, everyone!
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  5. Welp the last few days were a rollercoaster for me and the ballott is far from ready nn. Let me see if I can put something together real quick.
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  6. If this is about commentary, don't worry about that. Numbers alone are cool and if you want to send some commentary later, feel free.
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  7. it's about scores nn lemme see what i can do
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  8. Ah I won’t be able to make it but will try to follow along! Blackbird was my 11 out of the songs I know
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  9. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    My votes will be there. Are you considering the full day to be when it ends for the UK or North America?
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  10. North America, so that every time zone gets a full day. I'll be closing on the morning of the 22nd, GMT time.
  11. I started rating back in May (my folders say May 12th) but too much happened in RL for me to get my head properly into it. I could finish off the scores based on rough verdicts from listening years ago, but I don't know if that would be fair. You have put so much work into this, and I'd feel disrespectful doing that. Even worse than I feel for not being able to follow through and get this done!
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  12. Yas, I will make it in time then, I only have to re-check 15 songs.

    Edit: sorting the scorez and then I'm done!

    Honestly no idea which song got tanked by everyone but maybe it comes down to lyrics I didn't notice? Got to be got to be.
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  13. I bet you the one everyone tanked will be "Helter Skelter" - half of us for the dissonance (you know that rubbish they call music these days?It's ALL NOISE! as your granddad would say) and half because we are aware of the homicidal maniacs inspired by this song and don't like it for the lyrics.
  14. Here Comes the Scores <3

    Total average : 6,883
    Highest scores : 10 x4 (includes my 11)
    Lowest scores : 3,5 x3​

    I don't really know how to split the songs because their catalogue always gave me an headache when I tried to figure out the order of releases.

    My 11 of course is their best song and anybody who disagrees is wrong ":)"
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  15. Oh, god, I hope not. "I've got blisters on my fingers!" is one of my favorite moments of the whole discography. It's not Paul's fault that Charles Manson took something from the lyrics that no normal person would.
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  16. I made it! I handed out ten 10s (including my 11) and I can already reveal that "I Am the Walrus" is one of them.

    Looking forward to this.
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  17. OK, I apologise, but since it's been pretty rough and tiring at work lately, the #4-1 of the Top 20 songs not in the rate will be repurposed as part of the in-rate thinkpieces, one at a time. The first one of which will be on the Beatles' movies, as I've said, after our bottom 10 is revealed - apropos for what #4 is, hint hint...

    Anyway, I do want to focus on writing the first of our elimination posts in time for when I close voting tomorrow morning. Expect that some time tomorrow evening, my time.
  18. I've made it!

    What I've learned so far:
    There are at least three musical geniuses in this band.
    I seem to like John's songs over Paul's.
    All of them but poor Ringo got at least one 10 for their songs.
    I've hated them all but Ringo at least once while reading about them.
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