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A Kiwi Versus Rate: Kimbra | Ladyhawke | Broods | The Naked And Famous | Bic Runga [#20]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Phonetics Girl, Jul 18, 2021.

  1. [​IMG]
    72. Drive (with Strawpeople) 7.4208

    Highest: 10x2: @berserkboi @DJHazey | 9.5x1: @Music Is Death & m3
    Lowest: 2x1: @soratami | 5x1: @Cutlery

    written by/Ric Ocasek
    produced by/Strawpeople
    available on/No New Messages
    charts/#7 NZ

    Strawpeople is a project started by DJ Paul Casserly and studio engineer Mark Tierney. The recording outfit hosted a revolving door of guest vocalists from Fiona McDonald, Leza Corban, Stephanie Tauevihi to the Runga sisters. Since 1996 it's just Casserly and studio collaborators. Their song "Sweet Disorder" was honoured with 1995 APRA Silver Scroll Award, while Vicarious won Album of the Year at the 1997 Aotearoa Music Awards.

    1991 Hemisphere
    1992 World Service
    1994 Broadcast
    1996 Vicarious
    1997 100 Street Transistors
    2000 No New Messages
    2004 Count Backwards from 10

    Other releases
    2000 The Best Of 1990–2000

    Other Top Ten Hits

    #5 “Trick With A Knife” submitted by @ohnoitisnathan in Round 36
    #29 “Dream Child” submitted by @ohnoitisnathan in Round 40

    #TBA "No One Like You" submitted by ? in Round 40

    Is it the fact this is a cover?

    The original song wasn't really on my radar before @jtm's rate, so I thought it'd be a nice little shot in the arm in terms of BPM for the Bic section. Perhaps, I should have kept it all-original though...

    Does it sound a little dated compared to the rest of Bic's section?

    It does have that late 90s club sound and I swear I've only heard one of the sound effects on some Sound of the Underground track before. But I think the dreamy vocals more than make up for some messy production choices. NVT-LESS, each to their own!

    10 - The original by The Cars was untouchable until this angel got her hands on it. Massive. I am legitimately upset my Spotify doesn't have it.

    PG note: I really need them to unblock more than just 2 of their albums on Spotify!
    10 - A STUNNING COVER!!!

    5 - Well this cover, contrary to the other Drive, is not giving too little but rather too much in the wrong departments. The main keyboards sound AWFUL and then there’s some sparser parts giving nothing but then comes back to some nicer beats, drums and Bic generally giving a great performance on its own, but overall nothing makes a whole lot of sense when put together.

    A song we could have rated:

    71. Hello Hello 7.4542

    Highest: 10x1: @berserkboi | 9x1: @DJHazey
    Lowest: 5x1: @soratami | 5.5x1: @klow

    written by/Bic Runga, Dann Hume
    produced by/Kody Nielson
    available on/Belle
    charts/ #14 NZ Artists Singles Chart

    Nathan Wood: It’s interesting listening to Belle, it’s another surprisingly dark album. You have gone through a really happy phase becoming a mother. Where does the darkness come from?

    Bic: You know, I’ve been going around saying this is a really happy, optimistic record. Just lying through my teeth basically! The thing is, the first two songs on the record are the singles. So when you first put it on, it seems like it’s going to be happy but I guess I can’t help it. It’s got some depth. I don’t think it’s straight ahead happy but I don’t know. Who’s to say? I think it’s got more range. I think it’s got some happy songs and some darker songs. I don’t know. I have no idea.

    N.W.: On the album you worked with other producers for the first time. What was the reason for that and why do you think it changed your sound?

    Bic: I think just from having my son I had limited time and I wanted to… I just didn’t want to make something that was too introspective or, heaven forbid, kind of mumsy. So I wanted to have a bit more scope, so I got some co-writers that my publisher introduced me to and they were all from, you know, unlikely sources – indie bands and so on. It worked out really well. I liked it. I had a lot of fun learning how to let people in and write with them.

    "Hello Hello" is the lead single from Bic's 4th official studio album Belle (Garou and co. found rotting). Produced by husband and former Mint Chick (false advertising alert!) Kody Nielson, it's the most twee out of all songs involved in the rate. Once you get past the summer camp instrumental, though, it presents less as cutesy nothingness and more of retro singer-songwriter moment tinged with sadness. Hence, my 8.
    9 - Someone like Kacey Musgraves found hearing this and being inspired with whatever she released shortly afterwards. Legends inspiring legends, I would say.
    10 - What a gorgeous track! Another deserving of a Song Contest Appearance! A special round of PJ00s perhaps!

    7.5 - It's not the easiest sound to love, but the story Bic weaves through and her personality shining through it and telling us she's tired of the small talk and the mixed signals, manage to win me over, I think.

    A song we could have rated:

    Tomorrow looks like another chill day at work
    so I might be able to bring another 2 posts,
    this time for some of my least fave songs in the rate.
    I can reveal Bic's safe this time,
    others - not so much.

    Last edited: Oct 11, 2021
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  2. Songs we could have rated

    For "Drive (with Strawpeople):

    For "Hello Hello":

  3. I get that covers usually don't do well but Drive is magical!

    Hello Hello is strong, but I am okay with it being culled if we are doing Bic wrong as we are. I found she has better songs on Belle anyway but I love this little bop too
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  4. Those were two of my three lowest scores in the rate, so nice seeing them get eliminated back to back dd
  5. [​IMG]
    70. Sweet Relief 7.4917

    Highest: 10x1: @Music Is Death | 9x2: @berserkboi @Remorque
    Lowest: 5x1: meh | 5.3x1: @Epic Chocolat

    written by/Kimbra and Redinho
    produced by/John Congleton
    available on/stand-alone single
    charts/#20 NZ Artists Singles Chart

    Kimbra said:
    "‘Sweet Relief’ came from a season of experimentation where I took time to work with some upcoming artists and producers that I love. I’m a big fan of Redinho’s work. We made this track together in London. It highlights our shared love of warped funk and groove royals like Prince and Janet Jackson. For me, the song explores the push and pull of human desire for intimacy, the tension and power of touch, and a liberation of the senses."

    "It was part of an EP that I was going to release but then that ended up not going ahead. The label wanted me to focus on making a full length album instead. BUT I had already finished that song & i loved it and wanted people to hear it!! So i had to fight a little to get it out but eventually we all though it was a cool idea & i'm so glad it came out because it represented where I was at at that time."

    I was under the impression this was a fan favourite and yet it has barely managed to escape the bottom 10?
    Maybe the fans simply ghosted this rate¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Not being much of a funky person myself, I can't really praise it to high heavens even if it is an important moment in her discography. It also marks the first time she's worked with John Congleton who would became her main co-producer on the following Primal Heart.
    5.5 - The right kind of funkiness for some of you I would imagine, but I will pass.
    9 - George Michael Freek!.mp3

    8 - Different from the sounds she might explore but still filled with the usual theatrics we've come to expect. It works for me!

    A song we should have rated:

    Maybe I spoke too soon about doing two posts in a day,
    let's see what tomorrow brings x
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  6. This being the exact opposite of what happens with so many pop artists nowadays.
  7. Funny that my commentary kind of matches up to @Phonetics Girl's feelings so I definitely don't feel too bad about it.
  8. [​IMG]
    69. Sunseeker 7.525

    Highest: 9x3: @Epic Chocolat @Remorque @Music Is Death | 8x2: @BubblegumBoy @berserkboi
    Lowest: 6x3: @klow @soratami @Cutlery | 7x2: @DJHazey & I

    written by/Thom Powers, Alisa Xayalith, Simon Oscroft and Luna Shadows
    produced by/Thom Powers, Simon Oscroft and Luna Shadows
    available on/Recover

    Alisa said:
    “Sunseeker was inspired by my dog, Ginger. She came into my life unexpectedly, as did the boy I fell in love with that found her. I never grew up with a family pet, I can’t imagine my life without her. She was present for all of the TNAF sessions over the last year. I started calling her my "Sunseeker”. I’d find her in various places basking in patches of sunlight beaming through the trees. This song is about something, or someone, appearing in your life that you didn’t know you needed."

    As one of only five songs in the rate to achieve no higher scores than 9, "Sunseeker" was rated very consistently with no extreme opinions either way. (Two of said songs belonged to Kimbra and were bottom five casualties. The remaining two belong to another act and they even appear on the same album, though we won't be seeing them for a good while yet.) A rather lukewarm reception for Recover's first single is not unwarranted as they made it quite beige and spotify-lite. However, Alisa told no lies - dogs are life.
    7 - Pleasant tribal aspect to the chanted chorus that matches up to a name like Sunseeker. The barrage of "did-ja's" does drag it down a tad, sadly.
    8 - As beautiful as it is, it feels like it is a more mainstream moment for them and I prefer when they are grittier!

    6 - Is that… a… child choir?
    PG note: ikright? a doggo choir would have been preferable

    A song we could have rated:

    How can I spoil the next elimination(s) hmm?
  9. Good God no, my mind goes right to those Christmas CDs with dogs barking the carols.
  10. hahaha that must sound devastating. Though I was mostly being facetious with my suggestion, dogs>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>kids in all other aspects of life
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  11. So far we've dodged landmine eliminations for Kimbra, though I disagree with Goldmine going out so early. Ladyhawke, Broods, and The Naked and Famous have all had solid cuts but all could use some more culling before we touch anything from Bic Runga again. I will accept Something Good going out before any other of her songs though.
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  12. [​IMG]
    68. Love In High Places 7.5583

    Highest: 9.5x2: @DJHazey @Music Is Death | 9x1: meme
    Lowest: 6x3: @Epic Chocolat @klow @soratami | 6.5x1: @berserkboi

    written by/Kimbra Johnson, Keith Ciancia, Sonny J Mason, Matt Morris and Kaveh Rastegar
    produced by/Kimbra Johnson and Keith Ciancia
    available on/The Golden Echo
    charts/#13 NZ Artists Singles Chart

    Kimbra said:
    “Love In High Places is probably my favourite track as a sound wall on the record. It came about through a lot of sampled passion drums. We had Matt Chamberlain come into the studio and work with trash cans and oil tanks all day, hit them in different ways, cut them up and pitch them in different ways [...] Then all the different sounds were laid on top of that and it feels like yeah… Lyrically it’s very true to the essence of The Golden Echo, just essentially about looking at things, at the earth, things that appear to be ordinary and finding a sense of divinity or transcendence in them [...] finding a love in all of these simple things [...] Again, it’s like a mantra that I have for myself and hopefully will be a message of hope for other people.”

    So... "Love In High Places" conjures up a pretty blissful image of nature, adorned with some gorgeous synth work. It was the second buzz track off The Golden Echo and... I'm honestly kind of tired of having to keep kicking out some of the most creative work from the rate, idk?

    What would the voters say?
    9.5 - When I said in the thread something to the tune of “Kimbra’s songs seem to be the ones that aren’t instant for me, but will end up being the most rewarding if I keep at them” this was the song I had in mind. I absolutely adore the little flourishes in the production that remind me of Allie X’s finest selections. Those little vintage-yet-also-futuristic synths are candy for me. It helped drive this into the perfect kind of chilled-out anthem.

    If you get it, you get it!
    6.5 - Nice but weaker!


    7 - It suffers a bit from being victim of Kimbra’s seemingly self-imposed 5-minute song quota. The slight old Japanese video game sounds keep me from forgetting it though, so that’s something.

    Ok ok but the length gets easy to ignore with time!
    Or you can have my chopped up edits from when I was 18 and lacked patience?

    A song we could have rated:

    How to sum up tomorrow in one gif image?
  13. Kimbra doesn't get a chance to catch a breath? But from all that I've listened to, I feel she is quite an interesting artist and I'd love to hear her live!

    And I really love the "Hello Hello" song by Bic Runga. Nice little Beatles tribute at least lyrically. I'm sure that I would have rated this song with 10 points.

    I love Alisas's words about Ginger, her dog. And I do like the song Sunseeker, too.
  14. Cringey elimination, where is the taste? Where!?!?1!? Me loving some of the more progressive offerings in a rate, for a change, and I get burned for it. The world is topsy turvy sometimes it seems.
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  15. Flashbacks to me attempting to make "radio edits" of iamamiwhoami songs that were over 6 minutes long (cc: @Glitterizer and @eatyourself 's rate coming next month x)

    This rate moves crazy fast for my forgetful self, but I will add that there's been far too little Naked Brothers Band and far too much Kimbra gone already and I'm not happy!
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  16. Jeez louis, why did I have to get so cute by giving Love in High Places a 9.5, not like a 10 bump would've made a huge difference. This elimination, along with Winning Arrow, sting the most so far. However, this one really hurts because it sounded like a Popjustice left-fielder's favorite on steroids, when I first heard it.
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  17. Also, kind of off topic, but reading the way Kimbra talks about her music, combined with how interesting it sounds, whether I happen to love all the songs or not, I think I ended up developed a bit of a crush (because she is gorgeous too). <3
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  18. [​IMG]
    67. Human 7.575

    Highest: 9.5x2: me & @Music Is Death | 8.5x2: @BubblegumBoy @berserkboi
    Lowest: 5x1: @Epic Chocolat | 6x1: @soratami

    written by/Kimbra Johnson, Michael Tighe, Paul Salva and Robin Hannibal
    produced by/Kimbra Johnson and John Congleton
    available on/Primal Heart
    #2 NZ Heatseekers

    Kimbra said:
    "My past records have often focused on another person. What I'm most interested in, is relationships. My song "Human" says, "I need your love for my survival." Now, does that mean your lover's love? Or, does that mean the love of an unconditional being that we don't know how to name? Does that mean love for yourself? I mean, you can't really give true love if you can't first give it to yourself, right? I don’t have a full answer because I write music in search of the answers. What’s important is we’re both asking the same questions and discovering some semblance of answers in the process.

    I think I wanted to be a bit more personal on this record and speak to that part of us that connects us all, which I’ve phrased as the “Primal Heart”. The title comes from a lyric in that song: “I’ve got a heart that’s primal / because I need your love for my survival.” I feel like there’s something that’s very powerful about that sentiment, and that went on to define many of the album’s themes.

    Something very important to me is that we, as humans, need to speak to each other as connected beings. That we still find ourselves very much like the first humans: able to love, able to suffer, able to transform…all these things. The more we get closer, the more we realize how similar we are. That’s such an important message in the time and political climate that we’re in in America, where it’s so easy to look for division."

    Ok. At this point I'm starting to think we're really doing r&b influenced songs wrong in this rate, huh!
    I'm not sleeping too well this week, so I was in this sort of half-lucid state last night when this thought came to me: "Human" totally sounds like a Christina Aguilera song. And I was ready to be all bitter, like "bet y'all would stan this if she recorded it!!1", but let's not do whataboutism here cause I know that's pointless.

    The song was released in early 2018 as the third single prior to Kimbra's third album. In the black and white video we can see two Kimbras strutting in a parking lot while having a sing-off. It's actually a more compelling watch than this description suggests, though ddd. I absolutely wouldn't have chosen this as the first elimination from
    Primal Heart but then again, there's no real weak points amongst its singles and none of them should be out at this stage, bye!
    6.5 - An early 00s R&B song veers into left field is the soundscape I get here, which is fine I guess. This was always a pleasant little bop during my play sessions.

    8.5 - Odd but compelling!

    6.5 - Probably one of the songs I listen to the least in Private Heart. It's not bad, but very much just «there» without getting much of a reaction from me.

    A song we could have rated:

    not Kimbra for once!
  19. I feel kinda bad being a low scorer for nearly all of the last few eliminations ff
  20. So it would be deserved if your 11 went out soon then dd?


    This was an okay Kimbra elimination.
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