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A Kiwi Versus Rate: Kimbra | Ladyhawke | Broods | The Naked And Famous | Bic Runga [DONE]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Phonetics Girl, Jul 18, 2021.

  1. But 'best for last' keeps you motivated to finish everyone else!
  2. [​IMG]
    Time for what's perhaps the most tenuous spotlight theme - all the artists have appeared on a TV programme in various roles, from talent show contestant to home makeover show presenter.

    Ginny Blackmore

    Virginia B's main claim to fame is having a songwriting credit on Lotus ("Sing For Me"/"SFM") and Rebecca Ferguson covering (and improving) her hit single "Bones". Auckland popstar appeared on the second season of X Factor NZ as a guest mentor for noted Australian (but actually Aotearoan) Idol Stan Walker's category. For her, I have picked the Sia-lite "Hello World" which has lyrical moments with some comedy value, albeit unintendedly so. I shouldn't be the only one to experience them and somehow still manage to lightly bop through it all.

    2015 Over the Moon

    Other releases

    Main hits
    Holding You (with Stan Walker)

    My Pick

    Jackie Thomas

    X Factor NZ's first series (no, not the messy one) winner. Jackie's initial single went on to be successful, hitting the #1 spot. Sadly, despite heaps of potential, she became that girl covering ballads with 3 original songs to her name. At least one of them is an absolute stormer which gave me a top 10 PJSC position, and for that she'll always stay in my library.

    2013 Jackie Thomas

    Other releases
    2015 Until The Last Goodbye EP

    Main hits
    Skinny Love
    It’s Worth It

    My Pick

    #6 Until The Last Goodbye submitted by Phonetics Girl in Round 79

    Ria Hall

    Early 2010s saw Ria Hall perform "World In Union" at the opening ceremony for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, release her debut EP for which she won 2012 Best Māori Album Tui, present a home makeover show AIA Marae DI on Maori TV, go on tour with Fly My Pretties (along with Anika Moa), and collab with Stan Walker ("Like It's Over"). Whew! Woman was absolutely everywhere, wasn't she?
    Ria's sound can be described as fusion of soul, hip hop, and r&b, performed both in English and Maori, and the reggae-tinged "Owner" stands out to me as a fitting represantation of her style.

    2017 Rules of Engagement
    2020 Manawa Wera

    Other releases
    2011 Ria Hall EP
    2013 The Homeland Recordings (as part of Fly My Pretties)

    Main Hits
    Ka Manu (with Various Artists)
    Aotearoa (with Stan Walker, Maisey Rika and Troy Kingi)

    My Pick
    [Maori version]

    Rosita Vai

    Let's look at Idol season 2 winners: the Aussies got Casey Donovan, while the Kiwis voted to the top Rosita Vai. Their respective career paths kind of mirrored each other: one successful single and album later, they were gone into the world of stage productions. While Rosita's debut era seems to be rather forgotten and unpreserved on Youtube or Spotify - so I can't judge it - the EP she dropped 10 years later is the definition of PJCHILL and a calming&soothing listening experience.

    2005 Golden

    Other releases
    2015 Everything’s Rosie EP

    Main hits
    All I Ask

    My Pick

    Ruby Frost

    Despite promising beginnings, the quirky electropop artist's career seems to have stalled after her judging stint on the first season of X Factor New Zealand. Certainly, it was an odd career move to sign up for the part after just one successful album and she did not return for season 2. Makes u wonder - if Ruby had managed to establish herself as a reliable hitmaker on the back of her television presence, would Natalia Kills' career perhaps never have imploded?
    On a more cheerful note, Ruby's debut is an alright album, recommended if you happen to enjoy the likes of Foxes, ionnalee, or Owl Eyes. "Come To Life" is a banger!

    2012 Volition

    Other releases
    2011 Moonlight EP
    2014 Comeback Queen EP

    Main hits
    Water to Ice
    The Wire (David Dallas featuring Ruby Frost)

    My Pick

    #10 Comeback Queen submitted by @strangekin in Round 26

  3. I'm still settling in the new apartment but I'll see what I can do!
  4. Most of these stragglers being people whose ballots I'm also still waiting for for the indie rates, go figure.
  5. Ballot incoming imminently! Just a few things to finalize, but I should be sending it any time between the next hour to the end of the night here dddd.
  6. Just Kimbra to finish but I am liking what I hear so far! Very Quirky Kylie! Kinda shocked @soratami wasn’t fully here for it!
  7. You can expect mine tomorrow, probably x
  8. Mine'll be in today!
  9. I'm sorry @Phonetics Girl I didn't make it. It simply wasn't possible to listen to the songs for me during the last few weeks, although I really was very interested. I will follow along and listen to the songs when revealed. Thank you for doing this - it gives me a chance to have a deeper look into artists I really like when submitted to any of the contests!
  10. Kimbra 6.6
    Ladyhawke 8.75
    Broods 7.9
    The Naked and Famous 7.6
    Bic Runga 6.3
  11. And before @berserkboi goes wowbethennywow.gif at my Bic Runga average, let me just say it would have been a much nicer 6.78 if it weren't for a particular song, which got my lowest score in the rate, bringing the whole thing down.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. If this is Sway, Mister - we won’t be speaking for a while ddd
  14. It's not, I think it should be pretty obvious which one it is dd
  15. Wait until you find out what's an obvious low score for berserky!

    I couldn't do anything else but smh at both of them..
  16. I fear for Broods and/or The Naked and Famous.
  17. Dire.
  18. I finished yesterday or something. I'm just gonna post this again as it would have helped Kimbra's section.

    My memory is most connected to The Broods section as I listened to their 1st eras a lot at the time.

    My backup 11 is from those years.
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