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A Kiwi Versus Rate: Kimbra | Ladyhawke | Broods | The Naked And Famous | Bic Runga [DONE]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Phonetics Girl, Jul 18, 2021.

  1. Kimbra possibly getting the short end of the stick despite being the Kiwi Björk... Let me hurry up my ballot
  2. [​IMG]

    One more!

    As if this collection of info-dumps would be complete without the songs @klow so graciously shared when this rate was first announced. Thank you from the mountain ;)


    A superstar for the TikTok generation, Stella Rose Bennet eats your faves for breakfast on streaming. The industry followed suit, making those awards rain in a way that rivals all of our five main artists' debut eras. The why of her success is not hard to find as this kind of laid-back, casual sound and somewhat quirky but relatable persona seem primed for organic take-off among zoomers. And maybe for good reason. After all, the guitars on "Soaked" are absolutely sick.

    2020 Hey U X

    Other releases
    2019 Fire on Marzz EP / Stella & Steve EP

    Main Hits
    Supalonely (feat. Gus Dapperton)

    @klow’s Pick

    Chelsea Jade

    PJ sensation from a few years back, whose sophomore album is still eagerly awaited, right?
    I know I've been checking for her since I heard "Laugh It Off", but I think we can agree that the APRA Silver Scroll-nominated "Life Of The Party" shows best where her strenghts lie - slightly left of center pop with a coolly-detached delivery. I'd like her to come back with something that really hits it out of the park.
    For now, she was last seen chilling with her friend Ella.


    2018 Personal Best

    Other releases
    2012 Over and Under EP (as Watercolours)
    2013 Portals EP (as Watercolours)
    2014 Beacons EP

    Main hits
    Laugh It Off
    Lost (Jai Wolf feat. Chelsea Jade)

    @klow's (and mine) pick

    Nadia Reid

    While I'm not familiar with anything but the suggested "Oh Canada" from Nadia, just on this basis she comes across as a classic introspective singer-songwriter and another quintessentially Kiwi folk artist, perhaps with a bit of a certain AC streak.

    2015 Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs
    2017 Preservation
    2020 Out of My Province

    Other releases
    2011 Letters I Wrote and Never Sent EP

    Main Hits
    Get The Devil Out
    Oh Canada

    @klow’s Pick

    The Beths

    Winners of Best Group and Best Alternative for two consecutive editions of Aotearoa Music Awards as well as Album of the Year 2020, slay a bit, The Beths! While I was familiar with their Jump Rope Gazers, "Future Me Hates Me" was a @klow-induced discovery and I must say that, although it presents a little noisier version of indie rock than their second record, I have this irrational conviction that this a band for Taylor Swift fans. It just makes sense, don't ask me why!
    Fun fact: the frontwoman Elizabeth Stokes was a part of a musical trio alongside Chelsea Jade when they were in high school. They called themselves Teacups, how adorable!

    2018 Future Me Hates Me
    2020 Jump Rope Gazers

    Other releases
    2016 Warm Blood EP

    Main Hits
    Future Me Hates Me
    Happy Unhappy

    @klow’s Pick

    Tiny Ruins

    Lead by a Brit, Hollie Fullbrook, Tiny Ruins are an indie folk band, very much so. "Carriages" comes from their sophomore Best Alternative Tui-winning record and I can definitely see some through lines that could put them next to Aldous Harding and Nadia Reid on the local comparison scale. Back to "Carriages" - it is anthemic and wouldn't sound out of place in a certain 00s Indie Rate, that's for sure.

    2011 Some Were Meant for Sea
    2014 Brightly Painted One
    2019 Olympic Girls/(Solo)

    Other releases
    2010 Little Notes EP (with A Singer of Songs)
    2013 Haunts EP
    2015 Hurtling Through EP

    Main Hits
    Bird In The Thyme
    Me at the Museum, You in the Wintergardens

    @klow’s Pick

  3. So there we have it, guys.
    The Artist Spotlights are all collected in post #4
    and the full playlist of host's picks is also here, in case anyone would like to peruse:

    Our esteemed voters:

    Phonetics Girl
    Crisp X
    Bubblegum Boy
    Epic Chocolat

    Untouchable Ace

    Music Is Death

    Results start Monday afternoon!
  4. I'm guessing these colours represent which artist got the highest average from each voter?
  5. Poor The Naked & Famous.
  6. Busted! It doesn't exactly reflect the final standing of averages, so I thought there's no harm in revealing that part now...

    Don't you mean Broods ddd
  7. Though nearly tied with Kimbra's and BROODS' averages, I'm happy to be team Ladyhawke!

    Ladyhawke 8.32
    Kimbra 8.23
    BROODS 8.18
    Bic Runga 7.85
    The Naked and Famous 6.15

  8. Wow! I'm truly honoured to have been commemorated in this illuminating post, colour-matched Word Art and all! The write-ups throughout this thread so far have been excellent, and I'm excited for @Phonetics Girl productions to bring us these results!
  9. [​IMG]
    80.Vanity 6.7792

    Highest: 10x1: @Music Is Death | 9.5x1: moi
    Lowest: 3x1: @DJHazey | 5x2: @BubblegumBoy @Epic Chocolat

    written by/Pip Brown and Pascal Gabriel
    produced by/Pip Brown and Pascal Gabriel

    available on/Anxiety

    Ladyhawke said:
    "I love nostalgia in a song: not in the words or anything, but in the melody, when it pushes that button in your head that makes you feel that way. I try and make all my songs do that somehow."

    Can anybody feign surprise that Anxiety is getting the short end of the stick in yet another rate ddd
    What can I say? For me "Vanity" is an infectious bop but for others it turned out to be a bit too catchy...
    3 - My word when you listen to every one of her songs up to this point, this is like nails on a chalkboard in comparison. My apologies, but if I have to hear 'vanit-yeah-yeah-yeah" one more time I will scream.


    7 - I do like some of the Quirky Pop elements but this gets a little close to the Pas Pour Moi line ddd

    7 - It’s almost too quirky by means of an Alice: Madness Returns lens, and by the end there’s only so many times you can repeat “vanity-yay-yay-yay” before you pull the plug yourself, but I don’t hate it.

    A song we could have rated:
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  10. Funny thing that if Vanity had been included in the Sophomore rate, with its average here it would have been eliminated right after Vaccine, at third from last. Poor Anxiety can't catch a break.
  11. Well this doesn't bode well for a start for Anxiety, does it? Let me protect Cellophane from a possible incoming flop.

    Oh and I love that you highlighted each commenter with a little banner! Feeling important
  12. That's a victory, by far my lowest score in the rate.
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  13. This elimination - THE ART!! THE STYLE!! Fitting of Ladyhawke for sure!!
  14. Yes, I adore the aesthetics of the reveal post. We're working with a professional here folks.
  15. You guys better like the same Anxiety font in every post cause I wasn't going to hunt for 15 different eras' ones, I'm not @Cutlery ddd
  16. Coming from the Indies Pop rate and Indies Rock rate this song fits nicely in! I quite like it on the first listening. I'm more than sad that I didn't make it to this rate after listening to the excellence of the first song eliminated ...
  17. [​IMG]
    79.Good Intent 7.00

    Highest: 9x1: @Music Is Death | 8x3: @Crisp X @BubblegumBoy @berserkboi
    Lowest: 5x1: @Cutlery | 5.2x1: @Epic Chocolat

    written by/Kimbra Johnson and François Tétaz
    produced by/François Tétaz
    available on/Vows
    #98 AUS

    Kimbra on whether it is fair to categorise her as a pop artist:
    "I like to think of my music as a conversation of sorts. I think it’s somewhere people can find a kind of deeper understanding of things as well. I try to really speak to the confusion of the human experience a little bit. I don’t know…I think my music is a place where people can find some understanding. I think that’s a great reason to come out to a show if you feel and artist gets some of what you’ve been through. It’s soul music, man! That’s what it is! It’s soul music! I can’t think of a better way to put it.

    It’s funny, there’s a lot of connotations with pop that makes people think of the bubblegum kind of imagery.

    But to me, I just think of pop as being like this incredibly accessible language, you know? Pop music has the potential to appeal to the layman who’s saved up enough money just to get a little jukebox and doesn’t necessarily have any deeper perception of musical theory, but can understand a great, catchy hook. And it can also appeal to deep music theorists who love to pick songs apart.

    Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys was a pop artist, and Prince was a pop artist, and we know these acts to be some of the highest calibre of musicians to date. So if people call it “pop music,” I’m very proud to be aligned with that genre, because pop has the most potential to reach the most people. But also, it has the potential to be highly complex if you play it right.

    I believe that pop music shouldn’t dumb people down — I think pop should make people smarter. I feel sad when pop becomes just a format of the same tiring formulas, and you know everything that’s coming. If that’s what pop music becomes, then I don’t want to be called a pop artist. Invent some other genre to put my music in.

    But there’s so many people, like Janelle Monáe, that I totally look up to and who are pushing boundaries. I think that’s the most important thing — using pop to push people to think deeper."

    6 - Not gonna lie, this ends up sounding like a quiet little interlude compared to everything surrounding it. There is a subtle ‘mystery novel’ melody working in its favor though, so not all is lost.

    8 - Pretty kooky and fun!

    5 - There really is no way this isn’t coming dead last, right? I’m glad there wasn’t this obvious of a throwback sound with this little succes in further albums of hers.

    PG: Well, almost right! I find myself agreeing with a lot of things that were said here, however, after doing some re-listening today I came to the conclusion that I was pretty harsh with Kimbra by only giving this a 7. I mean, it is a cute throwback and, while not hugely substantial, it is Fun! At least, she broke that 7-point average, making "Vanity" the odd one out. 26 more songs until we reach the next threshold.

    "Good Intent" was our first single to fall. Will that continue tomorrow?
    Will we lose somebody's 10? Or perhaps a 0 (yes, there is one in this rate)? Stay tuned!

    A song we could have rated:
  18. Yeah the video of her singing on stage as a classic singer makes sense because there's a bit of that sound in the song like a bit boppier Adele, Paloma, Winehouse, even some non Star Wars-Rey person, etc. but the 'mystery novel' thing still shines through which places it in my mind like it should be soundtracking a mystery/thriller film. One that doesn't take itself seriously though and plays on left field side of that genre as a almost parody of it but done well (like a Tarantino film or something). It might be a 10 in that scenario. Just in this realm as strictly a pop music listening and rating experience, a 6.
  19. These are not huge scores I am losing or anything, but I will need my 3 to vacate soon...
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