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A Kiwi Versus Rate: Kimbra | Ladyhawke | Broods | The Naked And Famous | Bic Runga [DONE]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Phonetics Girl, Jul 18, 2021.

  1. Appreciated that long quote from Kimbra in the sense of defending the genre because that's what we people in this forum try to do on the daily, no?
  2. Kind of wish I'd provided some commentary now, so I could also get a fancy graphic.
  3. [​IMG]
    78.Come As You Are 7.1208

    Highest: 10x1: @Music Is Death | 9x1: @BubblegumBoy
    Lowest: 0x1: @Cutlery | 5x1: @DJHazey

    written by/Thom Powers, Alisa Xayalith, Simon Oscroft
    produced by/Thom Powers, Simon Oscroft
    available on/Recover

    Alisa said:
    "The past few months have kept us busier than ever. We thought it was essential to engage with the socio-political climate of the Black Lives Matter movement. We believe Black lives matter. We’ve not been a very outspoken band in the past for fear of saying something without having the whole picture and anxiety of being misinformed. We’ve made an effort to educate ourselves and we wanted to let our audience know where we stand and what we stand for as people. This is why the message behind our song, “Come as you are,” is a song about inclusivity to let people know The Naked and Famous welcomes people from all walks of life no matter the color of your skin or ethnicity. We wanted to let people know that we are a safe space."
    5 - Some of the vocal treatments are questionable. They wouldn't bother me if the rest of the song brought it more than it did, instead their selection ends with a whimper.
    8.5 - A return to form (minus those distorted vocals)


    PG: In a rate this small, a 0 is like a nuke and the one launched by Cutty sank the third promo single off TNAF's 2020 album Recover's chances of finishing *checks excel* 17 places higher. While it's an 8 from me, I can see that it can come across kinda X Factor ballad-like and MOR - not everyone's cup of tea, to say the least. Poor it, yet another flop after PJSC 103, where it placed at #42 for @Tiger Suit.

    So far we've lost songs by three different acts, but will every possible one be represented in the bottom five?
    Find out soooon!

    A song we could have rated:

  4. Quickly turned to a villain...
    This song was just like you said some could feel, very MOR, yet extremely outdated for a 2020 song and annoying to me. Apologies to the stans!
  5. Come As You Are has some annoying vocals as you said but the chorus is really lovely!

    And I totally love Good Intent! @DJHazey's comparison with a mystery really fits.
  6. Feel bad about my score, knowing the background story now but I also know it was ranked that low because just about everything else was more enjoyable, so I cannot be mad about it.
  7. [​IMG]
    77.Goldmine 7.1625

    Highest: 9x1: @Music Is Death | 8.5x1: @DJHazey
    Lowest: 6x3: ich @Crisp X @klow | 6.2x1: @Untouchable Ace

    written by/Kimbra Johnson and Fraser T. Smith
    produced by/Kimbra Johnson, Rich Costey, John Hill, Al Shux and M-Phazes
    available on/The Golden Echo

    Kimbra said:
    “Goldmine is one of the heaviest songs on the record for me. Lyrically, it comes from a poem I wrote a long time ago. It was super simple and it became kind of like a mantra to me when I was going through hard times. I would say it to myself to remind myself that we all have this infinite storehouse within, of strength and energy that we can pull from. [...] It felt like a very affirming powerful message and I was listening to a lot of chain gang music at the time, the music of the slaves and... this idea that they would sing these songs to bring themselves out of despair and to keep their spirits lifted… so I wanted the song to have that kind of weight to it. Sonically, it has references to this style of music. It’s one that I’m most proud of on the record because it’s a lot sparser than the others and has more of the focus just on the voice, you know, the war cry.”

    Transcribed by yours truly from this video:

    I'll be embedding the track-by-track series along with the write-ups,
    in case you preferred to listen since in most cases there's more said than what I managed to jot down.

    Continuing to give Kimbra's single choices a hard time, we're getting rid of the third and final promo from her sophomore album The Golden Echo. Again, I've realised my 6 was overly harsh. I mean, I used to despise this song but back then I couldn't connect with r&b-flavoured sounds in general. Time has been kind to it and nowadays it is quite a pleasant little listen. Still, there were much better songs to choose from for single release.
    (As a side-note, it kind of cracks me up how she was this inspired by spirituals and yet she's singing about being the owner of a "goldmine" ddd. Bit tone-deaf when you think about the implications.)

    8.5 - A spooky little chant where I can’t help but be transported to a fantasy realm where one kingdom has it and the other territories want it. The serfs who do the mining are mindlessly chanting this chorus to make the work day seem a little shorter.
    7.5 - Fun quirkiness aside, the melody is a little weaker than the rest so far!

    8 - Her Biophilia moment! But make it lightly trap.

    A song we could have rated:

    PS. Tomorrow's weekend, so I get to post 2 eliminations.
    Did Broods and/or Bic manage to escape the bottom five?
    Can Kimbra catch a break?
    Answers coming in around 24 hours!
  8. I would like Kimbra to catch a break - though with @soratami ’s homophobic BIC scores - I am worried what that would mean instead!
  9. Man, that is an anthem. I say fantasy realm workers, she says real life ones. Either way, it works. What a shame.
  10. [​IMG]
    76. Sleep Baby Sleep 7.2208

    Highest: 9.5x1: @Music Is Death | 9x1: @berserkboi
    Lowest: 5x1: @klow | 5.5x1: @DJHazey

    written by/Caleb Nott, Georgia Nott, Joel Little
    produced by/Joel Little
    available on/BROODS EP

    First things first, I couldn't actually find a relevant quote from the makers themselves for "Sleep Baby Sleep" but there was one from... Season Kent, music supervisor for TV shows:
    “It’s kind of a sweet, sad, dark song. I can’t believe no one has used it yet. Maybe it’s been used and it’s just in shows I don’t watch. It would work really well during a montage on Revenge. With Revenge, we can go a little bit out of the box. It doesn’t need to be right on as far as the lyrics. With Revenge, I just want the tone to have some crazy things going on with it—especially in the montages, because that’s where there’s usually a lot of dark, kind of crazy stuff.”


    Now that I've spent a day at work listening to a mix of songs that did not make the rate, I must admit I should probably have picked something from the debut album instead of extending the EP selection by its second most streamed track. Perhaps a more lively midtempo such as "Everytime" or "Superstar" (will embed them later, but not in this elimination cause they don't fit thematically and I have to stick to concepts that exist only in my head. thanks, neurodivergence!) would have done better. I still like the song in all its young adult drama in an apocalyptic setting soundtrack-iness, it's just that I didn't stray from the general consensus of rating it a 7. I suppose it has grown into an 8.5 since doing my scores but that's, to introduce one of my local idioms into English, mustard after lunch.
    5.5 - Again, the song just never really gets anywhere or jumps off the page at all. I also find the vocal starts to sound like the kind I dislike; a voice like Halsey's for example. It's just too 'sleepy' sounding for me.
    9 - Gorgeous song!

    A song we could have rated:

    Now we know: Bic escaped the bottom five but how long is her luck going to last?
  11. I'll tell you how long: not very!

    75. Winning Arrow 7.2375

    Highest: 10x2: @DJHazey @Music Is Death | 8x1: @berserkboi
    Lowest: 4.6x1: @Untouchable Ace | 6x1: @soratami

    written by/Bic Runga
    produced by/Bic Runga
    available on/Birds
    charts/#23 NZ

    (Hope it's unblocked in some of your countries)

    Bic said:
    "The third album is called “Birds” (2005). My father had just died and I guess this was a “death” kind of record. It is a very dark record. Commercially, again, it did enter the charts at number one but it did not quite sell as much as the first two. But to me, by the third record, I had to prove myself not to just be like a light pop artist. This was like a seedling for the long haul to make something serious."

    What an elegant quiet little song! Unluckily, as proved in many a rate, subtlety does not tend to do amazingly with voters. Even though I really enjoy the lead single from Birds when it's playing, I cannot say I remember it at all afterwards ddd. A strong 7. And look at a relatively commercially disappointing album still getting her the 2006 Best Album Tui award and reportedly reaching triple Platinum.
    Our NZ faves can only dream of such flop eras!
    10 - This is very much in line with sound of her early material as I am guessing this came out much later. She knows her lane and since it is pretty much perfection, we stan.
    8 - Least favourite of her section so far, but not weak by any means!

    Songs we could have rated:

    I'm losing my first perfect score.
    And there's two of them :(
  12. Each of the five artists having at least one song in the bottom 6?

  13. Okay - I will take my least favourite of Bic’s section going! Now leave her alone for about 40 eliminations!
  14. Not when the song I gave a 2 to is still here dd
  15. I think I’ve guessed which track you gave this score to going by @jtm ‘s rate and you will pay for this!

  16. Well my lack of comment on the last two elims says it all really. I feel that the Pop Monster song where Caleb provides lead (and bad) vocals was their worst, though?

    Goldmine is good but when you put it through that lens...
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  17. I get that Winning Arrow doesn't technically have a key moment that's going to pull in a new listener or even seasoned listeners, so it may fall to the wayside because it's even-keeled and just vibes along. That one place it chills in though, that zone, it's masterclass. A 10, no question so this is disappointing.
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  18. [​IMG]
    74. The Quick & The Dead 7.3666

    Highest: 10x1: ME | 9.5x1: @Music Is Death
    Lowest: 5.2x1: @Epic Chocolat | 5.5x1: @DJHazey
    written by/Pip Brown and Pascal Gabriel
    produced by/Pip Brown and Pascal Gabriel

    available on/Anxiety

    Ladyhawke said:
    "The Quick & the Dead" I like because the song is purely about zombies."

    This is just another example of the album being influenced by that classic rock sound.
    What can I say? Sorry that some of you's can't recognise this slaps, I guess..
    5.5 - Oh, apparently I played this 6 times and yet nothing has stuck. Kind of have to chalk it up as 'meh' at this point. Equal parts irritating version of grindiness/grunginess and just being plain flat.
    7.5 - This is a little better!


    7.5 - Choosing to have it as a little zombie apocalypse jam.

    A song we could have rated:

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  19. [​IMG]
    73. Everlovin' Ya 7.3833

    Highest: 10x1: JA | 9x1: @Music Is Death
    Lowest: 5x1: @Epic Chocolat | 6x2: @soratami @Cutlery

    written by/Kimbra Johnson and Taylor Graves
    produced by/Kimbra Johnson, Rich Costey and Taylor Graves
    available on/The Golden Echo

    Kimbra said:
    “It’s one of my favourite moments on the record. It features an amazing artist called Bilal who I’ve been really into for a long time and I was writing this song with my keyboardist Taylor Graves. I said to him: “it would be so cool if it was a duet” and from the word go I knew I wanted it to be Bilal. [...] I sent him the song and within two days he was on a plane from New York and in the studio with me. Singing the song, singing the melodies and that rhythm with him in mind. That was a really beautiful moment. And I knew his voice would get across that kind of darker energy and the grit in his voice. It was really important to me that it wasn’t just a smooth r&b voice but something that was really tense, you know. And again, this song kinda plays with the idea of a lot of characters that are coming at you and it’s definitely one of the darker moments on the record. But it’s about to lead you into kind of the next phase of the record which is definitely the more uplifting section.”

    I knew this wasn't going to be a fan favourite but you know what I thought to myself? It's my rate and it's my favourite song on The Golden Echo, so it's in! And now it's out.
    Highlights of "Everlovin' Ya" include that electrifying undercurrent of synths and the fact Bilal literally sounds like pitched down Kimbra. So much that I was doubting whether he was a real person until I saw his wiki page ddd. Check out "Holding It Back", their other collab from Bilal's 2015 album In Another Life if you'd prefer something more lowkey and #PJCHILL.
    8 - Funny enough that it sounds like part two of the song that preceded it here [Nobody But You], because all I can think whenever it starts is how I'd love to live inside whichever atmospheric rpg the production was ripped from. It does kind of wear on after a while and never reaches any kind of true pinnacle moment, therefore my 8 is its peak potential for me I'm afraid.
    8.5 - Very nice while it lasted!

    6 - This one is just noise. Occasionally pleasant, but noise at the end of the day.

    A song we could have rated:

    Not sure when the next elimination post is coming
    but it's going to be a double chop for one of the artists.
    Any bets?
  20. That is a prime example of why I said Kimbra is the 'r&b one' among the five, this is what I call cool or interesting r&b for me though. I do think 8 is the peak but I do adore it still.
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