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A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix TV Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by scottdisick94, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. I am so blaaaady buzzed for this show, figured it would be worth having a place to update about news etc.


    Found this article as well about dream casting:


    Not sure about Anna Kendrick for Violet, I mean she would obviously be amazing but I feel like they need someone younger. I'd be happy for it to be unknowns for the kids.

    I dunno if they should have Lemony Snicket be a character in this one for fear of it appearing like its copying the film. There are so many elements of the film that were spot on however, so it would be difficult not to include some factors that were present in the film.

    Also that article really makes it seem like its gonna be a comedy, which I kinda don't want it to be. It should be a drama, with dark comedic elements.

    Adam Driver as Count Olaf could be a stroke of genius.
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    This announcement of the series has made me revisit the books - I just love them, they are dark but I think that's why I just love them.
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  3. It's weird cos the boks are completely accessible for kids, and yet when I picture it as a TV show I can't really imagine it being appropriate for children. I almost imagine it as an American Horror Story sort of show.
  4. The wait is going to kill me.

    I think it will work as a black comedy, The Ersatz Elevator at least is very funny. I'm sure it will still be able to be very dark at times while still maintaining some humour, I wouldn't want the whole thing to be a dreary gloomfest anyway. The film struck the balance quite well.
  5. I loved the movie as a child, out of curiosity, how many of the books were condensed into the movie?
  6. It was the first three, there were thirteen books in total.

    I'm curious how they would do it this time. I honestly only want an episode a book. As it's on Netflix there's not really time constraints so the first book can be 40 minutes if it needs to be, and the last one can be 90 minutes if it needs to be. Don't want them to drag it out. At the same time, they have no excuse for leaving things out - I want everything to be included. But the books are so short anyway it shouldn't be a problem.
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    A book an episode would be perf.

    As much as I enjoyed the film, I was overall disappointed, but I think that's the same with everything when you've read it first and have become so engrossed in it that you've created your own little version of it in your head, the version in your head very rarely matches what is bought to the screen.

    - but I'm hopeful!
  8. Words cannot describe how happy I am about this.

    The film was good, but this will be much better suited to TV. I'm actually hoping that they stretch it out a bit? I mean an episode for each book makes perfect sense, but the fan in me wants more!

    They have to get the casting right, they actually cast the kids pretty well in the film, I definitely want a much darker Olaf though.
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  9. A bit concerned that we've still heard next to nothing about this after the initial announcement. Not even casting. When is this happening!?!
  10. It's supposedly debuting in December. We are definitely due some sort of update! Hope all is well behind the scenes, I would die if this ended up not happening after being dangled it front of me.
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    I forgot all about this! Is it too much to ask for Jim Carrey to return?
  12. December? Is this really coming that soon? I assumed we were still about a year off.
  13. Emphasis on 'supposedly'
  14. Sam


    A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix 2016)

    Officially announced here.

    I can't wait! The film was entertaining at the time, but on reflection a total shambles. Hopefully Netflix can do the series justice.
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  15. Sam


    Re: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix 2016)

    Oh. Oops.

  16. Sam


    Just started a new thread, didn't realise this one existed haha. Sorry Chris!

    Anyway, Deadline reported some news on it today. It's still in the early stages, and they're looking for a director etc.
  17. I'm dying!!

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  18. Ahhhhh! It looks perfect already.
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