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A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix TV Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by scottdisick94, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. Even though this was fan-made (right?) the entire thing is a lewk.

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  2. I'm halfway through episode one and it really doesn't have the charm of the movie. The sets are nice but it's really slow paced and Neil Patrick Harris has zero charisma or energy as the lead. Hopefully it picks up.
  3. Neil Patrick Harris lowkey ruins this for me.
  4. I really wish they'd got Jim Carey back for Olaf. NPH's attempt feels like a cheap copy of him without the comedy talent to pull it off. I'm enjoying it as a whole, but something about it just feels very empty...
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  5. Finished it. Loved it. Bring on the rest.

    NPH wasn't as annoying as he usually is, so I could handle it.
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  6. Just finished, and I loved it. It was great to see the books more fleshed out than they were in the movies, and I actually enjoyed the added subplots (especially after the "twist" was revealed).

    I wasn't crazy about the idea that the Baudelaire parents were alive so I was happy to find out they were actually the Quagmires.

    NPH bugged me at times, but I think he overall did a good job with the part. I can't wait to see season 2, it'll be thrilling to see books 5-9 on screen. I'm actually quite foggy about those books as it has been years since I've read them. Watching the Netflix series has got me itching to do a reread.
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  7. Midway through and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I think it's funnier than the film (the drier and more sardonic tone to Lemony's narrative breaks, Sunny's subtitles, the relentless stupidity of the adults being more played upon) and manages to look just as great as the film.

    I think it should feel a little tighter in the second season where the story is a bit meatier and more varied, instead of the same trope and plot repeated four times across the first eight episodes.
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  8. I liked it. It reminded me why I loved those books so much.

    I think overall it was a success, but it wasn't mind blowing or anything. I found the kids/Olaf to be a bit underwhelming but I liked all of the side characters, and especially the white-faced women.
  9. The White-Faced Women have been an unexpected highlight.
  10. My favorite books are 5-9, especially Hostile Hospital. I have high hopes for the next season and the production value should be a bit higher once Netflix has analyzed the numbers from the first one
  11. Yikes, the tragic CGI. The actress playing Violet is weak and I just can't get past Neil. I do love the Pushing Daises tone though.
  12. Sam


    Klaus is the annoying one for me. I feel like he should have played the part a little more on the world weary melancholy side rather than the irritated and angry.

    Film Klaus was way better.
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  13. Sam


    I will admit that Josephine is fabulous
  14. Is the CGI bad? There are many flaws in the series but I did not think of the CGI as one of them.

    I agree about moody Klaus though. But still a step up from that terrible movie Klaus.
  15. Just finished watching episode 1 and I absolutely loved it. I must confess I haven't read the books although I did buy the film when it was out and enjoyed that.
  16. I just finished watching it and I agree with this.

    I really really adore the film hence why I watched the series but I felt it just fell a little flat.
  17. I thought the bits with the CGI baby were a little wonky, but otherwise the CGI was servicable.

    I've finished the season now. I enjoyed it. Patrick Warburton's narration really helped to capture the tone of the books, I thought, and to allow for the Daniel Handler's very unique narrative voice to come through. I'm glad they didn't sacrifice the onslaught of literary allusions from the books.

    My main concern is that I wish it were a little gloomier, although the twist did help to restore a little of the misery from the books. Other than that, I thought the main actors were perfectly fine, although Violet is noticably younger than Klaus. The guest stars and the theatrical troupe clearly stole the show though. Alfre Woodard chewing the scenery was a particular highlight.
  18. I think I'm gonna enjoy this more watching it a second time.
  19. I loved it.

    It was lacking in getting me to root for the Baudelaires though, especially compared to the film. I mean how heart-wrenching was this:
  20. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I loved these books growing up. I loved the dark humour, the more sophisticated language of them, the sort of Tim Burton meets thriller mystery feel to the series really captured my imagination. I've come to realise that it will always suck in any other medium because it is the perfect type of sad escapism. I watched the first episode and just couldn't be bothered with it.
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