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A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix TV Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by scottdisick94, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. I am enjoying this despite the obvious... the kids and Patrick Warburton are great, the production design is exquisite (I am possibly the first straight man to ever use this word), but Neil Patrick Harris is not very good (Sir, you are no Jim Carrey), still, all in all, it's a treat.
  2. Y'all think the kids are.....good? I think they're awful.

    Emily Browning was fantastic as Violet. Sunny is irrelevant since both babies are...fine. Klaus is bit a spotty but neither actor is great.

    And I'm not going to touch Olaf since I've made my thoughts on Neil Patrick Harris clear already.
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  3. I'm so excited for the books set in the city. I hope they do it well. I've always seen the city as quite similar to Belleville from Belleville Rendevous, cos its like Big Nameless Bustling City. This pic is quite Belleville-y:


    The whole world really fascinates me and is definitely one of my favourite elements of the series. I'd love Handler to do a Middle Earth type map of all the places they went to.
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  4. It's been picked up for season 3, yaaaaaaaaas.
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  5. He


    I sometimes wonder if Netflix can really sustain the sheer amount of expensive shows they produce.

    Like, are they that profitable?
  6. I do wonder about their business model as well, but they must be. I know that they wanted to move away from buying in films and making it more about their own content - it must be beneficial for them. I don't know many people without Netflix though so it must be pretty profitable.

    Its no surprise but it is nice to know that we will get the complete story of An Unfortunate Events. I doubt they will even have a break between the two seasons for filming because of the age of the children.
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  7. Going to echo this and agree, but I have to imagine that they'd slow down with the number of shows on their docket if they couldn't sustain it or they weren't turning a profit.
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  8. Quite literally the only option.

    Twenty years ago it would've had to be Anjelica Huston.
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  9. I think Gemma Arterton could pull it off.
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  10. Discovered the tv series recently and just watched the first episode!!! Loving it! The quaity seems surprisingly good for just a tv show

    Its less comedic than the movie but still very charming. Super happy to hear they intend to do all the books and 2nd and 3rd seasons were confirmed already!

    Feeling like reading the books again! Might read each one after its double-episode.
  11. I'm reading each one for the first time before the double episode and loving it. I am a bit addicted to the story and fear greatly for the end.
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  12. Since everyone is suggesting who should play Esme... what about Helena Bonham Carter?
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  13. Hopefully they will never do the last book haha. Or at least they will change a lot of things. The book was a disaster and I never forget me as child thinking "That was..it?!"
  14. Now I hadn't even thought of her. She certainly has the mania.
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  15. Five new names added for Season 2:

    • Nathan Fillion will play Jacques Snicket, Lemony's (Patrick Warburton) brother.

    • Tony Hale will portray Jerome Squalor, who is married to Esmé Squalor.

    • Sara Rue will start out as a librarian, then "perhaps go on to better things" in a season-long arc.

    • Roger Bart will play Vice Principal Nero who "almost makes Olaf seem like a nice guy."

    And the one y'all are waiting for most...

    • Lucy Punch will play Esmé Squalor, who may or may not be a potential love interest for NPH's Count Olaf.
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    I can see her doing the part brilliantly. Wow suddenly I'm excited about this show again.
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  17. I'm also looking forward to see Nero. One of the funniest characters in the books for me and I like Roger Bart.
  18. Roger Bart is perfect for Nero. And I can definitely see Lucy Punch as Esme.

    I pictured Jaques as quite scrawny though.
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  19. I watched this a couple of weeks ago and I loved it. It starts pretty boring considering it's a carbon copy of the film, but the more new stuff they add the better it gets. The evil twins were a major win compared to the movie though, they stole so many scenes.
  20. I loved the first season.

    I think season 2 will serve great, suspenseful visuals but I think the series loses it starting with book 6. Olaf plots boring schemes and gets less page time, the useless adult characters get super repetitive and the Baudelaires mope way too much. The Quagmires annoy me after book 5, but it appears the series found some more adorable kids, so I'm hopeful.

    Unpopular opinion: Esme Squalor's only iconic moment between 6, 7 and 8 is the file cabinet scene.
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