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A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix TV Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by scottdisick94, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. I'm re-listening to the audiobooks (which are read by TIM CURRY, I NEVER REALIZED BEFORE NOW)(his Sunny is terrific) and Book the 10th and onwards are just amazing. I cannot wait for the next season. ESMÉ! MY SPIRIT ANIMAL!
  2. Yeh books 6+ were always my fave. And when the Guardian-of-the-Week trend ends in Book 8 shit gets real.

    I wonder when this is coming back. We’d definitely had a few trailers by this time last year for the January premiere date.
  3. I can't wait to see how they do The Carnivorous Carnival & for the iconic Esmé filing cabinet scene in The Hostile Hospital.
  4. Who did they cast as Esmé in the end?
  5. Lucy Punch.
  6. I want to be more excited for this. But they just simply do not work as two hour episodes. They will never work. There’s too much unnecessary padding which weakens the story.
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  7. I don't know if I can ever not see her as her Motherhood character, but she's a hell of a talent.
  8. I’m ready for Carmelegend Spats to be an iconic mess.
  9. I don’t remember how exactly is Esme described in the sixth book but I would never ever imagine her as a blonde. Just an unnecessary comment from my side I know.
  10. Esme has black hair in the Helquist illustrations. #notmyesme
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  11. I'm fairly certain 'The Ersatz Elevator' made me gay because fa shi on so I am absolutely perched for those episodes.
  12. A writer for season 2 has confirmed Esmé's knife heels make an appearance.
  13. Lucy Punch is iconic and y'all will feel like fools for doubting her casting.
  14. Lucy Punch is one of the few reasons I’m coming back for season 2. I really wish they cast someone other than Neil Patrick Harris for this show...
  15. March 30th is SO LONG AWAY
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  16. Looks fantastic but March 30th is so far away.... (not really but feels like it is)
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  17. I'm sad we still don't have any pictures from The Carnivorous Carnival. The one I'm most looking forward to seeing transition onto the screen.
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  18. I want to love this more. The first season was meh but I liked the score. I need the OST. I hope season 2 is a better representation of the Snicket world.
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