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A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix TV Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by scottdisick94, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. Really enjoyed season 1 so looking forward to seeing where it goes (haven't read the books).
  2. Been rewatching season one today. NPH definitely gives me the shivers, although not sure whether that's because of him or (more likely) because of spending my entire childhood being terrified of Olaf in the books and then Jim Carrey's version.
  3. Still wondering if they change something in the finale - the thirteenth book (if it's not cancelled before that).
  4. It's been renewed right through to the final book.

  5. new trailer (featuring Esmé's knife heels). Can't wait, books 6-9 are my favourite.
  6. YAS. Looks so good. I spent most of my childhood visualising how The Ersatz Elevator should look on screen and it's finally almost time!
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  7. I remember being so excited to see The Ersatz Elevator on the big screen but the the film series got cancelled. Thank god for Netflix giving the books the attention they deserve.
  8. The Ersatz Elevator is such a I’m gonna give the gays everything they want’ book.

  9. So. I’m just not feeling it. I know I’m probably jumping the gun because we haven’t even seen it yet, but I feel the same issues from the first series are gonna carry over.

    It just doesn’t...feel like the books. And it’s not gonna beat the A-List cast, the expensive and Burton-esque set design and special effects, the Thomas Newman score, the well-acted children, the engaged / un-bored Lemony Snicket and the lack of weird and stupid sub-plots and unnecessary padding that the movie has.
  10. I liked the whole 'who are these parents running around' thing the first series had going on, but I do think the second series will benefit from them not being around to distract from the plot. I'm glad they killed them off rather than kept them involved after the mystery of who they were was resolved.
  11. I can't even remember who they were. Oops.
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  12. Neither can I but then again I have a terrible memory.
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  13. The Quagmire parents. Someone (we'll presumably find out who in series two) burnt their house down in episode eight and we were back on track with the kids being orphaned after that.
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  14. Can't wait for this. I really want to know how much this show is costing Netflix though, these sets can't be cheap.
  15. I'm so excited.
  16. Looks very promising. Cant wait to see the second season and its finally around the corner.
  17. The production values are insane. I'm very excited because this season will not suffer from the constant comparisons with the movie.
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  18. I thought Season 1 was much better than the movie in all honesty. The movie bored me, I could barely make it through the running time. By giving each new guardian such a pathetic amount of screen time in the movie I just barely even had time to give a single fuck before it was waltzing us off somewhere else. I also found the droll wordplay in the TV show to be superior and loved the way it looked too. It all felt like a slightly more adult take on the material for me, the main flaw being that maybe 2 hours per book was a bit much.
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  19. I can’t wait to see ‘Carnivorous Carnival’ on my screen because next to the sixth book it’s one of the best of the series. I feel like they had the best material for this season because the last four book were self-absorbing in the VFD mystery in my opinion.
  20. Not really my kind of thing usually, but loved the first season. I shall binge this.
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