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A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix TV Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by scottdisick94, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. Oh thank god. I need some actual resolution and answers.
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  2. Here's the actual quote:

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  3. I just can't wait! I hope they'll connect the Question mark with All the Wring Questions, as readers of both Snicket series will know of the connection between all the books. I really want a show for those books as well. They're so good and they really show how much Daniel Handler has evolved as a writer since A Series of Unfortunate Events.
  4. Excited!!
  5. The show has never quite captured the tone of the books in the way that the movie did, but it’s impossible not to get excited at seeing all the visuals from the book come to life. These last few books might actually be the best ones as well.
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  6. Yay it’s back! Can’t wait to binge it today
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  7. Didn't remember this was out today! Such a nice surprise.
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  8. I'm only on episode 2 and I'm so glad Esme and Carmelita are still iconic queens.
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  9. I just finished. Great ending, moving and funny in parts.
  10. Lucy Punch is just fantastic.
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  11. I’ve watched the Slippery Slope episodes and the highlight has been Lucy Punch skiing down that frozen waterfall.

    It’s not fire, it’s fashion!
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  12. Not this show delivering the line of 2019 already on January 1st.

    I only have two more episodes to watch and I only have words of appreciation. This show has really fulfilled the untapped potential left by the film and has become a wonderful production to review and remember in the future. The acting and the production design is really spectacular (even with the occasional dodgy CG scene).
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  13. Okay I finished it and the last three episodes were amazing. I expected a confusing ending considering what people who read the books said about the ending but it was satisfying.
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  14. Great ending to a great show.
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  15. Screaming at Netflix making 0 effort to create any buzz for the final season of this. I wonder if this was a big flop for them.
  16. It is bizarre. I wouldn't even know it was back on if it weren't for this thread and I've previously watched it.
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  17. I only knew as I got an email from Netflix. Although I had to search for it once I got geared up NF as it wasn’t in amongst the top categories. Its quite bizarre!
  18. “I thought that was a myth, like gravity and inner beauty”. God I love Esmee
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  19. The actress for Carmelita is precisely how her character is in the book. They really nailed that casting.

    Also the way Esmé pronounces Sugar Bœwl makes me scream
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