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A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix TV Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by scottdisick94, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. I gagged when
    they wrote a joke about it in one of the episodes.
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  2. What was the point of Olaf repeatedly saying Ishmael is another person in disguise when we didn't get to know him outside of the disguise and it actually had no effects on the story?
  3. I’m so glad they wrapped up some of the characters’ properly. The last book was such a joke in just dumping everything to one side and ruined the series for me.
  4. Yeah from the summaries I've read about the last book after watching the episode, the show writers weren't afraid of changing the plot and adding details. I much prefer this version to be honest.

    One thing that I found bizarre is how little attention they payed to the moment the Bodelaires realize that
    the whole 'survivor of the fire' is about the third Quagmire and not one of their parents. Or was I too sleepy to notice?
  5. I really love the Hotel Denouement episodes. The book is one of my faves in the series too.

    In a way it always felt like the proper finale of the series, and then the final book is like the epilogue, just because we have all those characters coming back and it concludes Esmé / Mr Poe etc. I’ve not watched the final two episodes though so I have no idea how they might have changed it yet!

    I also enjoyed the added flashbacks - it feels like confirmation from Daniel Handler himself after all this time about what went down. It’s all stuff we mostly knew but were never explicitly told.
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  6. There's only one episode for The End.
  7. I’m just happy I got to experience Lucy Punch as Esme. What an amazing performance/character. Her lack of appearance in the final episode was a disappointment but I figured she wouldn’t make an appearance.
  8. I'm finishing this because I want to know how it ends but lord this show really drags. The whole 2 episode concept for each book got boring really fast. They really better come through with this ending.
  9. I posted this in Jan. 2017 and never got around to watching past S1E1. Well, with the final season being out, I can now binge the entire run of books. I just finished Wide Window and all I have to say is WOW, this is everything
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  10. Just wait until you get to the Esme episodes.
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  11. If I were a drag queen I would base my whole wardrobe on Esme's costumes. The octopus one killed me.
  12. I'm now at The Austere Academy. Can't wait for Esme's debut in the next episode
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