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    AA (or Double A) are a 5 piece Korean boy band under Wellmade Entertainment. They are the best debut group of 2011 and destroyed the competition with debut single Because I'm Crazy, which soared into the Top 200 in Korea.

    Because I'm Crazy
    Call | Call Ver.2 (Made/directed by Aoora)


    Queen Aoora is the producer of AA and title track Because I'm Crazy is his own work. He is known for his fabulous dancing and puts the average girl group member to absolute shame. He has stated that his dream is to produce his own girl group. Before becoming a member of AA he attempted to launch a solo career under the name of gn.E with Loveback, which for reasons unknown did not smash. In high school he was the president of his class and a model student, but dropped out (ripping up and burning his school uniforms in the process) to persue music, and lost 51kg in less than 2 months. He is the oldest member at 26 years old.


    Juwon is the main rapper of AA and a vocalist. Before becoming a member of AA he was a model and currently has hopes of getting into acting. He is the mother figure of the group and does all of the cooking. He is also allegedly a vampire.


    Hoik is the main vocal of AA and known for his deep voice and looking/sounding like popular actor Hyun Bin. He always has a lost/vacant expression.


    Woosang is the fabulous leader and choreographer of AA. In the past he was a choreographer/dancer and was even a part of TVXQ's Asia tour; he also did directing for a Super Junior video. He choreographed AA's Because I'm Crazy performances, featuring the very popular and highly sexual 'Sweeping Dance'. He was friends with Aoora from an early age and together they formed AA. Here he is dancing to Look At Me Now.


    Kimchi is AA's pet dog-human hybrid. His job is to act cute 24/7 and if he does not he is starved of food for a week. Kimchi is the adorable maknae of AA at 19 years old and is a main vocal. He is named after a popular Korean side dish.

    Iconic moments:
    Last Christmas live
    Aoora and Woosang slaying Hold It Against Me. Britney who?
    Pops in Seoul Part 1 | Part 2

    AA are currently on the verge of releasing a new mini album and have been working with popular Japanese DJ Daishi Dance. The top 3 Korean Entertainment companies YG, SM and JYP Entertainment have yet to comment on this immediate threat to their ₩on.

    At last, I feel blessed, give a moemnt...
  4. Aoora and Woosang are the only hot looking ones there. Was Aoora fat?
  5. Apparently he was 267 pounds! I can't even imagine him being that big.

    And I think all 4 of them are hot! Especially Juwon!
  6. I see what you did ther and I agree.

    Aoora has been tweeting lately about his frustration and that he's tired. Poor genius working on brilliant comeback!
  7. I like AA. I hope they comeback with something great! And are there any pictures of Aoora bigger?

    Also, oops, someone forgot MYNAME debuted in 2011...

    Insoo with collar may stay...
  9. Who are My Name. Pretty sure that's a BoA song.
  10. The 4 fabulous members can pretty much slaughter anyone in their path.

    Unless it's Kahi.
  11. How dare you bring those nobodies into this thread!

    Kimchi is so cute, I love them all.
  12. BIG NEWS

    You might want to sit down for this one.

    AA visited a dermatologist! The following images were posted on Naver:


    Here is Hoik with a vacant expression, and the dermatologist:


    Here is Juwon, making the dermatologist all hot and bothered:


    Here is Woosang, being unbothered by the dermatologist:


    Here is Aoora thinking about how fabulous his jacket is, with the dermatologist:


    Oh and Kimchi getting checked for fleas or whatever: The adorable Kimchi with the dermatologist, who is unable to resist his cute charms:

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  13. ^ that's so bad. Leave Kimchi alone. I'm so pumped for their comeback!
  14. Thank you for this thread! From now on everyone is safe from my regular AA spam in the general discussion.

    Let me paste 더블에이 in here. AA and Double A are so hard to google. Also I only found AA on iTunes searching for their name in hangul.

    I love how Queen Woosang turned Saint Woosang on the Kimchi photo.
    I hope all is fine with their skin.
  15. Ah yes I forgot to include that, AA and Double A are cool names but they've killed their hallyu powers!

    (And okay I'll be nicer to Kimchi and continue to work hard to show a better image of myself).
  16. I want to post every picture from when Juwon was a supermodel, but I'm afraid of getting banned.

  17. Wow, I haven't seen this one before. Supermodel Juwon fighting the cloudy weather.

    As much as I like Kimchi, I agree more with
    I like how AA makes it clear in interviews that it's an act, and that the name was decided before the band's line up was finalized.
  18. deobeul aei.
  19. Yeah, I dislike acting cute, idols are actually much cuter when they're not trying to be! Though I guess I have a soft spot for Kimchi somewhere deep down in my cold, cold heart haha

    And please Monkey0, the more Juwon the better, the possibility of getting banned is a risk you'll have to take for the greater cause.
  20. Your wish is my command!

    Imagine waking up next to him

    Casual Juwon, perfect for a lunch in the city

    Let's go to some trendy gallery

    Stylish for winter season

    Chic gentelman

    Dat ass~

    Pool party!

    Time for bed

    for now
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