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Aaliyah - General Discussion + Streaming Return

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Queen Majesty, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Same. I thought it was her guy getting another woman knocked up and keeping it on the down low.
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  2. I didn't know about this until today! I was looking up the credits of Aaliyah and noticed I Care 4 U was the only Missy Elliot cowrite so I read up on it and found it was made for One In A Million but didn't make the cut and was then re-recorded for the self-titled.

    What a classic.
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  3. The self titled album is the one Aaliyah album I actually owned, so many bops, I completely forgot about We Need A Resolution. Pretty wild to finally see it officially available on streaming after 2 decades, with Spotify canvas's, etc, and not it being a glitch showing up by accident.
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  4. And I thought it was her saying they could have a baby together but hide it from everyone else! And somehow I never questioned it for years.
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  5. Wasn't it planned as the next single? Or did I imagine that? Would have been a brilliant single.
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  6. Well, it charted at #16 on the Hot 100 in 2002 and then they released it as a promo single for the I Care 4 U album in 2003.
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  7. I love I Care 4 U. It was on Now 11 in the US so I was exposed to it long before I purchased my first Aaliyah album (which was I Care 4 U in the 2006-2007 timeframe). Having only known Try Again, Rock the Boat and More Than a Woman (from Now 5, 8 and 10 respectively) and the childhood staple Are You that Somebody, it was my first taste of slow jam Aaliyah. Absolutely gorgeous song, I'm so glad it made it's way into her signature songs in the US after languishing in the vault for 5 years and the self-titled era being cut short.
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  8. Honestly, despite the drama between Barry and the rest of the family, these rollouts have been handled so incredibly well.

    They just dropped a new animation for the occasion

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  9. Legit misty-eyed at that new commercial, such a great callback to the original.
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  10. I’m playing Genshin impact and this animation is just up my alley! I got emotional the part where the spy lets her hair down and reveals herself.
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  11. “It’s just classic, it’s timeless”.

    And 20 years later we can say the same about the whole album.
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  12. Her catalogue may be small but it’s so incredible. Finally dived into the third one the last hour after not being able to enjoy it at work. It’s so lush, so well crafted, so powerful. It’s one of my favourite albums ever and I have to admit I forgot that a bit.

    Hers was the first celebrity death ever to really hit me, actually it was the first death to really hit me since til that day I was so lucky not to experience death aside from an uncle when I was still pretty young so that was already foggy.

    I didn’t know her, she wasn’t family, but the day she died I felt what it means when someone leaves your world. I was so sad. Still sometimes I get testy eyed when Try Again is blasting somewhere.
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  13. Self titled is one of my favourite albums of all time, easily.
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  14. I *think* it's supposed to be a variation on "skeleton in your closet" i.e. them spending the night together causes the man to have another secret he wants to hide, but she doesn't want it to be a secret (since the song is about being more than a lover, but actually having a healthy relationship.)

    That's the best interpretation I've got.
  15. Being the must-have-it-on-CD dinosaur that I am, I guess I've been fortunate because I've always had Aaliyah in my collection - bought both One in a Million and self-titled at HMV a few years ago, plus found some sealed copies of I Care 4 U a few years ago in a thrift shop, as well found this Japanese compilation in an HMV clearance sale, although I still wonder is this legit?

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  16. Totally missed this was happening after all the false starts, but so glad it finally has. It's been such a long time coming.

    When Try Again started in that animated trailer though... I was instantly back to the early 2000s once more. Love it. It's going to be so good just being able to stream it on a whim.
  17. Something to do with skeletons in the closet. Wanting to be more than just a secret/hidden thing. The lyrics on the verses are quite abstract and not fully formed type sentences she's more like, meandering about something.
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  18. I could listen to Aaliyah talk for hours. She spoke so eloquently and even her speaking voice was like velvet.
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  19. I don't want to keep repeating myself but there was something about her. The calm confidence, the swag but also a sweetness and innocence. I keep reading that everyone who worked with her was infatuated with her and I can see why. Timbaland, Static Major, DMX. She was absolutely magnetic, like a force field around her that changed the chemistry of every room she was in. It's almost otherworldly.
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