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Aaliyah - General Discussion + Streaming Return

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Queen Majesty, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. yes, it’s officially released in Japan.
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  2. Agree with all of the sentiments regarding both the music and Aaliyah herself. Such a classic!

    I’m now in the gym with the Aaliyah album on…volume high…what a body of work!
  3. This one could easily have been on One In A Million. I love Tim's production in the late 90s. A classic.

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  4. Yeah, Man Undercover and John Blaze are both terrific and haven’t aged a day. Two of her more underrated collaborations too.
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  5. I should be streaming Kacey but I’m obsessed with self titled like it’s summer of 2001.
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  6. Can’t help but think how her style would have continued to evolve. I imagine she would still look absolutely breathtaking into her 40s.

    love this
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  7. Drove through Hollywood yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see a 10-story billboard of Aaliyah on the side of a building. Iconic.
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  8. Timbaland is kind of a genius, isn't he.
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  9. That is some luck! I never saw the Japanese imports on clearance in record stores. They were always like $50-$60!
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  10. I remember I would keep eyeing it and it was something like $50 Canadian and then one day, voila, it was in a clearance sale for $9.99. I snapped that up quickly.

    I was always very lucky with HMV clearance sales in Toronto. I miss them! Though one time I paid like $50 (!!) for Steps The Last Dance and then a year later HMV had it for $2 in a clearance bin. The sting!!
  11. I love this cover of More than a Woman and feel like Aaliyah would've been into it:

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  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I've been using her return to Spotify as an opportunity to listen to her music for the first time, and I'm obsessed with all three of her albums. (I was kind of hoping to hate the first album because of the R. Kelly connection, but it's really good, and "Back & Forth" is probably in my Top 3 so far... welp). I can't wait to hear the new tracks on I Care 4 U.

    I wish the second disc on Ultimate Aaliyah was comprehensive though, it's a shame it isn't. It looks like there are One In A Million b-sides that could've been included, as well as "Are You Ready" and "Journey to the Past" from other soundtracks (and which are currently greyed out on Spotify). I can probably find them on YouTube, but it would've been nice to have everything up on streaming, especially since they're making a big deal out of doing it!
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  14. Compilations are out today! Stream these classics.

    Here's hoping my physical copy of Ultimate (long a gap in my collection) gets delivered before the office closes today.
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  15. Don´t Know What To Tell Ya...is amazing!
  16. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I'm reading the Wiki page for I Care 4 U and I can't believe the reviews were mixed about the new songs back when the album was released. All six of them sound like hits to me.

    One thing I will agree with though is the assessment that the project is unsatisfying as a whole, because it's neither a new album nor is it a comprehensive hits collection. I find it so strange that they didn't just go for the latter, especially since it took them another 2 years to get Ultimate Aaliyah out and it wasn't even a global release.
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