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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Queen Majesty, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. I wonder if it's just the standard albums or if they've compiled the bonus tracks/extras for Aaliyah/Jojo/Toni.

    Also, why did I scream to find out Ashley Parker Angel was a Blackground artist?!
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  2. Discography on vinyl as well.
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  3. "Ship date: April 2022" I..
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  4. Exciting news and long overdue - but a shame it all seems to be happening with an air of discontent coming from the Estate/her family who seem to be pre-emptively distancing themselves from this move with the recent statement on social media? Be interesting to see if there's any reaction from the other artists they're re-releasing particularly JoJo.
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  5. Interview with Barry

  6. This is so bittersweet on so many levels. The estate's statement definitely took some of the wind out of my sails
  7. The catalog on streaming is long overdue but unreleased music would be a dream. I hope the two parties can work it out but the fact that Timbaland stopped working on it again doesn't leave me hopeful.
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  8. None of this sits right with my spirit. It's such a shame nothing can be done for her legacy without causing stress and pain for her family. I don't trust the uncle and having JoJo attached to his lil reboot is just very like... read the room? We have all seen what happened to JoJo and the lengths she's had to go to over the years. Using her music and image seems so tone deaf.
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  9. I mean, I have all 4 albums ripped from CDs on my laptop and I exported all the songs to my Spotify so for me it's not a big deal, but I'm happy for the world to get to enjoy the music.
  10. An upside of this announcement is that I'm giving the self titled a long overdue spin for the first time in forever. I don't know how it's taken me this long to realize how much of a bop Erica Kane is.
  11. Ff they wasted no time

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  12. The April 2022 shipping date puts me right off.
  13. So torn over this because these Aaliyah, JoJo & Toni Braxton albums are all masterpieces and deserve to be heard by all but the way Background Records have screwed over their artists they don't deserve to financially benefit off this in any way!!!
  14. Not Ashley Parker Angel getting into the mix, too!
  15. With the track record Blackground have, to ask fans to pay for the product and shipping up to 10 months in advance seems highly questionable. And with the statement from Aaliyah's family, and now JoJo advising people to stream her own version, it all reveals that nothing has really been resolved. Maybe someone has run out of cash and needs to drum up some funds?
  16. Okay but no one did it like her. No one. Still in my top 5 artists of all time 20 years later.

    Also major props to Static Major, the architect of the visionary sound of her self-titled album and another one gone too soon.

    I know this Blackground/Barry Hankerson situation is fraught at best and shady at worst but please let me hear more unreleased Aaliyah music before I die. Please.
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  17. I read the Billboard interview with Barry last night and I still don't know what to make of this. He highlighted that he wanted to respect the estate's wishes by not making Aaliyah's music available. But why would he then not have made all of the other artists' music available? Surely he could have carved Aaliyah's stuff out of any deal. I respect his pain and grief regarding loosing Aaliyah but something still doesn't add up.
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  18. Yeah, I'd like to feel really excited by this but somehow it just feels tainted.
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