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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JS18, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Jeez are they still milking her corpse after 14 years.
  2. All kinds of horrible images.

    Yeah, surely the best stuff would have been released unless they are working with the material Drake was working on.
  3. I think they should leave it. I doubt anything they release will top 'Aaliyah'
  4. HRH


    I don't mind unreleased material by her actual producers. But that nonsense with Drake and Chris Brown... I hate that kind of stuff.
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  5. BML


    That Chris Brown song was a jam though. If they can update other demos with that sort of care and quality, I'd be all for it. An album like Biggie Duets would be a great idea too, to celebrate her already released material.
  6. Enough Said was really good (at least once Drake's pointless verse was edited out).

    I always thought a 8-12 track album of material (released and unreleased) remixed by contemporary producers would have worked really well and I still fantasizing about that. Get me Arca, 40, Detail, Disclosure/Lxury/house producer du jour, Dev Hynes, etc etc. This is more me desperately wondering what she would have sounded like in 2015. Didn't she want to work with Trent Reznor? Ah the possibilities... Sorry I'm rambling.
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  7. I never got why Chris Brown got to be featured...would she have liked/wanted to collaborate with him given his history and general douche bag demeanour?
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  8. I just wish Aaliyah's catalogue would be reissued. Ultimate is very hard to find and her videos, surprisingly, need to be remastered. I was watching her video compilation and was surprised at how cheap the quality was – looked like copies from VHS except for the later ones (not the quality of the videos themselves, of course).
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  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    This is just one example why creating new material out of a dead artist's recordings is tacky and wrong. It's one thing to release actual recordings they knew had a chance of being released, but to have them 'collaborate' with other artists without them having any say in it, adding raps and lyrics to create something different out of it.. it's one step away from cut/pasting old interview quotes to create a brand new interview. (Well maybe two or three steps, but still something's not quite right about it)
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  10. KAG


    Posthumous songs are only tolerable when done tastefully and that's rarely the case. I thought she sounded absolutely gorgeous in 'Enough Said', however I disliked how Drake used the song to diss Chris Brown as well as make irrelevant pop culture references. It all felt very tacky and disrespectful.
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  11. Yes...it's giving her a personality beyond the grave which I hate - it's not her.
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  12. I Care 4 U edition has her videos too.

    Really excited for this because Tim and Missy would have the Haughton's blessing. If the MAC line ever comes into fruition my ass will support it as well.
  13. Have had her Aaliyah album on all night and still can't believe she ended her career with such a fantastic record that was undoubtfully just the beginning of incredible things to come.

    Went looking for interviews with her after and found this great one. So sad to hear her talk about filming The Matrix sequel in January 2002. I think she would have slayed the role of Zee.

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  14. She had such a lovely personality, and really had an amazing career in her lifetime. I wonder if after Romeo Must Die, Queen of the Damned, and Matrix 2 what film opportunities would have come.

    Hard to imagine her topping her self-titled, in terms of music.
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  15. She was a triple threat bigtime (natural actor, singer and dancer)

    Not many have talent in all three nowadays.
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  16. Sparkle - Went to Jordin Sparks
    Hobey - Jessica Alba (would have made Aaliyah a worldwide name 'in my opinion')
    Some Kind of Blue - Interracial jazz movie - unreleased (Aaliyah's voice doing jazz!!!!)

    We will get a new Aaliyah song on Christmas Day!!!!
    Timbaland is releasing a mix tape
    A snippet. Upbeat number.Whoooo!
    Not a full song was recorded apparently..... Bugger.
    Will be better then nothing.
  17. So tacky and tasteless.

    Would Aaliyah agree with that? Doubt it.
  18. BML


    Agree with what?
  19. Still using bits and pieces of her unused vocals on songs 14 + years after her death.

    Aaliyah was a perfectionist when it came to her music.
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