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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JS18, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. At Your Best (You Are Love) is everything at the moment. I knew of it from the Drake's Unforgettable but never knew it was Aaliyah and had assumed it was an uncredited backing singer.
  2. None of us fake h*es updated the thread for her passing anniversary?
    Even a cable company beat us to it.
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  3. Happy 39th birthday Aaliyah!

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  4. What a loss - still to this day!
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  5. Yeah her loss still feels like a punch in the gut to this day. But her music is as refreshing and healing as ever. Rest In Peace Babygirl, we still love you and your presence is still felt.
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  6. Damn, she'd still be so young if she was still a live today. Taken far too early.
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  7. The Official Charts Company has done a little rundown of her career and her top-selling UK singles:

    I'm not surprised that Try Again is her top-selling song despite never reaching the top 3, but I'm a bit shocked that Chris Brown's #93 flop Don't Think They Know was a bigger seller than We Need A Resolution, which was a #20 hit. Yikes.
  8. Why is this album not on UK Spotify?????
  9. Because there's always been some ridiculous issue with her family and Blackground getting her material up on digital services, and presumably that's spilled over into being a problem with streaming services. One In A Million and Age Ain't Nothing But A Number took years to finally show up but I don't know what's holding back the self-titled album (or, for that matter, the compilations I Care 4 U and Ultimate Aaliyah).
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  10. It's a shame that for such a beloved icon, Aaliyah's work is becoming increasingly difficult to buy/stream/download.

    Deluxe editions of her albums would be big sellers, I would bet.
  11. The Aaliyah album definitely deserves it. A vinyl release would be great too.
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  13. We Need a Resolution is definitely my fave single of hers.

    Should've been a mega hit.
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  14. Thanks for this.

    One In A Million is now available to download online in the UK, but you can buy it only as a full album - you can't buy individual songs from it. As a result it's not available to stream (because as far as I can tell no song that is "album-only" on iTunes or Amazon seems to make it onto streaming services).

    This doesn't seem to prevent Aaliyah's singles from being available on multi-artist compilations that are on Spotify, though. How odd.
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  15. Just checked and One in a Million still isn't available in the US, unfortunately.

    I love that they made the remix EPs from the Age Ain't Nothin' But A Number era available. It doesn't quite make up for the other albums being missing, but it's neat to have them.
  16. Mess.

    Now I'm sad that Aaliyah isn't still with us. I can't begin to think about how many incredible songs she'd have released by now.
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  17. Such a shame she is so absent from streaming services.
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  18. The 'Aaliyah' album is one of my all time favourites, it's so good from start to finish.
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