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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by JS18, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Same

    What i would do for this to be on Spotify.
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  2. I keep it on my phone at all times linked to my iTunes just in case I need to listen to it.
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  3. I was relistening to Aaliyah, what a graceous voice, I really really really like her, I feel always very sad to think of her early departure especially in a moment where it looked she was really crossing over, I do wonder what her career would have been after since she was very fascinated by left field music (at the times at least) like 2 Step and Industrial music, I think she would have been (I do hate those comparisons though) in a lane similar to Kelela's musically speaking, there is a reason why producers like Arca like her so much, commercial wise, I don't like all those who thought she would knock out Beyoncé (Beyoncé is such a powerhouse, even if I don't like her that much, that she would have been successful anyways) because it's very boring to compare two artists who took such a different approach to their music and persona, one thing that could have been interesting is how Aaliyah would have kept her mysterious and charming person in this age with so many social media platforms.

    There was something so cool about her, I can understand why she liked Sade so much (well, everyone should like Sade actually).

    She really brought the best out of Timbaland and Missy, even though I feel One In A Million was a bit too heavy and could have benefitted with some cuts, it was a real turning point and her last album, she did found her lane music wise. I wish her material would be out there, because more people should be able to enjoy her talent and brilliant music.

    I cannot praise her enough, I wish she did found peace, wherever she is.
  4. It's hard to believe she's been gone nearly seventeen years I remember the headlines even though I wasn't a fan of hers until after she died. Her final album was way before its time Timbaland worked some real magic on that album as it truly sounds as fresh today as in 2001. I often spend hours looking at her old interviews on youtube she really was a sweet gracious girl.

    It still hurts that we have no performance of We Need A Resolution (My fave Aaliyah single) I don't know if she would've gone on to bigger success or waned like Brandy and Monica etc however the material I'm sure would've been epic.
  5. Jeez where has that time gone and still what a loss. The things she could have accomplished.

    Still annoyed Aaliyah album isn't on Spotify.
  6. A random best of album was on streaming for a few hours a week!

    I guess another thread would be better for this but what vocal 2 step/garage/industrial music is pop oriented and a decent intro to the genres? The closer to Aaliyah sounding, the better.
  7. Aaliyah, I can never believe how great her music was. She was also so beautiful. My favorite is the I Care 4 U, and yes I know it's a compilation but what a compilation it is. In fact, gonna put it back on my iPod, thanks.
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