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Abandoned Pop Concepts

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by PantoponRose, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. I still mourn the death of Gaga and Kanye\'s Fame Kills project before it even began, and only recently heard about Britney\'s non-starting Original Doll venture.

    So, I got thinking about what other artistic endeavours by your faves have been sadly shelved before they got the opportunity to set the charts alight, change your lives, kill their career etc.

    A Girls Aloud in Bollywood album? Enya on the dancefloor? A follow up to Katy Perry\'s Christian album? A Britney/Yoko Ono collaboration? Discuss them here!
  2. This isn\'t a new one, but I\'m still not entirely sure what the story is behind Original Doll.

    Are any of the tracks actually out there besides Mona Lisa?

    I was listening to the Outta This World mix-tape the other day and some of the tracks are pretty great.
  3. Money Love and Happiness leaked recently, and that was meant to be on Original Doll. I think Sippin\' On (or whatever it\'s called) was for that album too. There\'s probably more but I can\'t remember them right now.

    As far as I know, her label weren\'t happy that she went and played Mona Lisa on Ryan Seacrest before they gave her the okay, and the material in general was just pretty crap so they scrapped it.
  4. The original versions and ideas for Stripped and Bionic.

    Stripped originally had different tracks, I think they were called Electric Chair, Read Her Mind or something along those lines. There was another one that sounded really cool, but they were all scrapped after her break up with Dallas Austin. I always wonder what would\'ve been with that.

    And of course, if Bionic remained untampered with, how amazing it\'d be.
  5. Prince tends to do this a lot (he\'s got like 40 unreleased music videos!), but the oddest one is his \"Camille\" album, where he was going to release an album as a \"female alter-ego\", called Camille (obviously). Basically he recorded 8 tracks, and up the pitch to sound more feminine. He changed his mind, though he\'s released all of the tracks in some form.

    Does \"Hello Suckers\" count?
  6. IotV

    IotV Guest

    Leona Lewis\'s career.
  7. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Wow I had no idea about the original Stripped album!
  8. This could be a really good thread, because there\'s probably loads of scrapped ideas that I don\'t know about, and would like to know about.
    That said, I cannot think of any at the moment. A fat load of use I am.

  9. JadeFan

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    Dannii\'s third Mushroom album was going to be released in 1995 but then they parted ways over disagreements; it was later released a couple of years ago as The 1995 Sessions.

    Dannii\'s second London Records album was going to be called Sex Dice but then London folded/got restructured. Her songs were siphoned off to Denise Lopez (Karma Sutra, Sex Dice) and also plopped on Unleashed and Club Disco.
  10. George Michael\'s Trojan Souls. It was supposed to come out (oops) sometime in the early 90s, but the Sony court stuff scuppered any release, I assume. And by the time all that was over, he\'d moved on to Older and making himself a highly manicured, sleek and pristine adult pop star. No time for anything a bit off-centre anymore.

    Most of the things from the 80s which I held in pseudo-mythical status have eventually turned up on CD (The Style Council\'s house album, the shelved Thompson Twins single from 1985, Prince\'s Black Album etc).
  11. Here\'s a bit more info

    The lead single was originally called \'Under Her Spell\', but was removed after the break up with Dallas Austin. The album was also delayed a few months, which is why she performed Infatuation as early as February, 2002 at the Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony, but the album wasn\'t released until October, 2002.
    Dallas Austin also wrote \'Cool\', which Christina recorded a demo of, decided it didn\'t fit her, and instead gave it to Gwen Stefani in 2004. Christina was also set to include covers of Etta James\' \"At Last\", and Trent D\'arby\'s \"Sign Your Name\" which were also not included in the final album.

    They had a pretty bad break up, which lead Dallas to start talking shit about her in 2006 saying she fucked for tracks, and her and Jordan (ex-husband) would refer to her as \"crazy\" instead of her real name. He apologised, and I\'m sure it isn\'t true, because he is extremely bitter about their break up.
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  12. I was really looking forward to this. If I remember correctly whilst he couldn't record anything due to his ongoing row with Sony he was going to write a whole new album and have his favourite singers perform the songws instead.

    A friend of mine (And one of George's best friends) June Montana was supposed to do one of the tracks and I think Aretha and Seal were going to be on it.

    Twould have been amaze.
  13. IotV

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    jinzo's song rates.
  14. June Montana, as in the girl from Brilliant? That would have been interesting and unexpected! I can see where the Seal participation would have come from, as George was covering Killer around 1991/92. Aretha likewise, from the big #1 duet they did.

    The whole idea of Trojan Souls just made sense. You look at his discography from 1991 to 1996 when he returned post-Sony, and there's this huge gaping hole where it ought to be. You've only got a slightly parodic (but super) single from Red Hot & Dance, and some "live" duets to fill that era.
  15. Yes.

    I used to dance at a club she ran in the early 90''s and George would often come down. I remember reading an interview with him around that time where he mentioned her singing a song on the album and then nothing ever came of it.
  16. LotV the Leona one is so funny. BestFiction...the crackhead comment, that is all!
    I can add one. Ciara (laugh out loud) had what I think was a really cool plan for Fantasy Ride where the album was meant to be split into theee discs each with their own theme. However this didn't end up happening.
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