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ABBA - some promising news perhaps?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ~Paul~, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Well this is a turn up for the books. Old Agnetha appears to have had a change of heart, and is now up for a reunion of sorts, possibly in connection to a charity event, but not a full on tour.

    That is rather exciting, given that she was the one member that always seemed to be the one who distanced herself from all that.

    If this happens, I would gladly sell my left arm to see it.
  2. Fuck me with a chainsaw I think I'd die with glee.
  3. Not bothered about a tour, a one of live show filmed for DVD release would be OK, I suppose.

    It's a new studio album and some videos, I care most about though.

    If this were to come true in 2011, then maybe, just maybe Gaga and "Born This Way" might not actually prove to be the most exciting pop moment of 2011 afterall.
  4. SBK


    It was reported that William and Kate want them to perform at their wedding a few days ago.

    I can imagine that if this did happen people would have to take out small loans / remortgage houses to get tickets.
  5. I've never understood why people were always so fussed about them doing a reunion tour. Its been well documented that they never cared for touring when they were together, and their live shows were never something that they were known for, like other bands. ABBA's brilliance has always been about their magic in the studio environment, so i don't know why people wouldn't rather them do a new album, or even just one song.

    We have seen over the years that Benny & Bjorn are still more than capable of writing brilliant pop songs, and the girls vocals are still as strong as ever, Frida in particular sounds literally the exact same as she did 30 years ago.
  6. I think people are reading too much into Agnetha's comments there. Besides, even if they did perform for the royal wedding, wouldn't it be behind closed doors I'd imagine?
  7. Even if they only re-recorded 'Story of my Heart' with Agnetha and Frida! Every time I listen to that song I think how amazing it would be done by ABBA. And produced by the guy who produced Robyn's 'Dancing on my own'.
  8. I would love a one off special where they talk about their experiences all together and maybe perform a couple of the old classics, but I don't want any new music. What if it wasn't up to scratch?
  9. It'd be worth the risk. If only to see ABBA destroy Britney/Lady Gaga in the charts etc. The new (old) Take That!
  10. I would probably wet myself and then die if they ever reformed. When All Is Said And Done is probably my favourite song.
  11. Mine too!! It's criminal it was never a single in the UK.
  12. While we are on the subject, what is everyones favourite Abba song?

    Mine is a VERY close competition between The Winner Takes It All and Super Trouper.
  13. Best ever The Day Before You Came. Knowing Me Knowing You, The Winner Takes It All, When All Is Said and Done, One Of Us all come close too. In fact most of their stuff is A+. Only act whose music I hear everyday. Every song in my top 25 most played is by them.
  14. I'm weird, but I think my two faves (if you can ever narrow down such a perfect catalogue) are "The Visitors" and "I Am The City."

    A new song is mandatory; I'm dying inside knowing that even if they did perform together, I'd never ever be able to get a ticket.
  15. If there was a new song it would have to feature both Agnetha and Frida equally on lead vocals.

    I can't believe I'm even thinking about this.

  16. Those are my two favorites as well. I love all their music, but I have always been more drawn to their later music. "Should I Laugh Or Cry", "Head Over Heels", "When Al Is Said & Done", "Under Attack", "The Day Before You Came" etc.

    "The Visitors" is the definition of a perfect album for me.
  17. All the downbeat divorce stuff!? Actually I'm the same, every one of those is a masterpiece (though I sway on The Day Before You Came, it's musically better than it is lyrically).
  18. If there is a more perfect, heartbreaking piece of music than the 'operatic' break in 'the day before you came' the I'm yet to hear it. Absolute perfection.
  19. Yes, and while that song is undoubtedley Agnetha's, doesn't Frida just put the icing on the cake with the operatic solo? She hardly ever got the recognition she deserved. Both of them were integral to the group's success.
  20. Yes, although I find them strangely uplifting. Love all their stuff. The lyrics to The Day Before You Came are perfection for me. The realisation that your life has no meaning, purpose or goal. Heartbreaking
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