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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I'm beyond excited for this!
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  2. Murder me, Frida.
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  3. One word: Whattheactualfuck!
  4. Don't question it binch. Embrace and let the light in. The good sis' Agnetha and Frida are returning to scalp us all.
  5. i am dead. bury me
  6. Pinch me someone.
  7. W2K


    NEVER did I expect this to happen. Cannot wait to hear it!
  8. Trust me, I am more than a little excited at this.

    And a little apprehensive. After all, this isn't just anyone.
  9. Wig? Snatched.
    Hotel? Trivago.
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  10. Im gay shrieking. Im surprised folks in Australia cant hear me right now.

    I know it was almost 10 years ago now but Story Of A Heart should be the template. Benny & Bjorn essentially wrote another ABBA classic for Benny's grouo. For those of you unfamiliar with the original:

    I'm not remotely sorry that Im going to spend the rest of the year doing the absolute most.
  11. Hopefully this will inspire Victoria.
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  12. Perched for the new Spice Girls music then in 2042.
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  13. Sooner than I expected!
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  14. December tho

    Two songs tho
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  15. Well, hello! It's two more than we ever expected!
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  16. Still better than never and none at all, though.
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  17. They saw the trailer for Mamma Mia 2 and knew they had to act fact to retain some sort of credibility.
  18. Story of a Heart remains incredible.
  19. Quick, edit it into Mamma Mia 2 and then do everything to make sure they get an Oscar.
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