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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

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    The Way Old Friends Do would make a perfect final song before the encore, and considering the girls sang it together a few years ago, I have hope it could be included

  2. With the rise of streaming and influence they have on charts, the charts themselves have become less and less relevant because streaming can be very easily manipulated with money, marketing and pushing songs on countless popular playlists, it's got that wiff of early 00's payola and it's not a good look!
  3. “The Way Old Friends Do” was the first song of the encore on the 1979 tour. They then launched into “Dancing Queen” and then finished with “Waterloo” and went out with a bang.
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  4. Am I the only one who think's they should re-record Story Of A Heart with Frida and Agnetha?
  5. It's lovely they did this, but I don't particularly enjoy watching it. Agnetha's very shaky and perhaps trying to sing through nerves but it sadly does make her go very out of tune.

    She sounds absolutely glorious on Don't Shut Me Down, so clearly the voice is still there and it was just a little blip during that performance.
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  6. This is the same for me - I couldn't decipher the poignant lyrics without having to look them up, which robs the song of its punch a little.
  7. Yep, it's the only thing letting it down. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful, so not being able to decipher them is such a shame, and those big choruses are so glorious - why hide them? If some technical wizard was able to bring the vocals slightly further forward, the song would be perfect for me.
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  8. Once you are familiar with the words it does sound a lot better.
  9. Whenever I went into the new releases section on Spotify, that Billie Eilish album was always at the top, despite being released weeks earlier. Clearly someone paid to have it always appear as a new release... I just hate stuff like that.
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  10. Wouldn't it be a great touch if the last song was one of the new ones and the "abbatars" looked like the group do now?
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  11. The ABBAtars could imperceptibly age progressively throughout the live show and freak everyone out.

    Frida’s hair could be era-appropriate!

  12. What kind of M. Night Shyamalan plot twist that would be.
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    I don’t mind the weaker vocals because it’s gorgeous them just performing together. The song is perfect for ABBA, having been through it all but still have a special place in each other’s lives.
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  14. I'm enjoying I Still Have Faith in You, but I am so glad they released it alongside Don't Shut Me Down, which has blown me away. It has me so much more pumped for the album.
  15. omg I had not seen so beautiful. I don't mind the vocals, it's just so incredible seeing them sing this song after all this time, and ending up hugging each other afterwards
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  16. Just incase anyone hasn’t seen this.

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  17. Funny how all this has rekindled this intense love for this band.. they really are so special
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  18. The woman's reaction in the background when she's told that it's Meryl, Frida and Agnetha hugging each other is priceless.

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  19. I’m now unexpectedly and accidentally-on-purpose going to see Voyage live 4 times.
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  20. Small things that make you happy: I opened Spotify this morning, and in the column on the right hand side six people on my friends list were listening to (or last listened to) Don't Shut Me Down. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that!

    *edit* five - one had listened to 'ISHFIY'. But still!
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