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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Indeed, the fact that Ed Sheeran was #1 for 10 weeks says it all really!
  2. To be honest I haven't cared about the charts for a long time, it means f*** all to me. I sometimes check out the top listened-to songs of other countries on Spotify out of curiosity, but it seems all the same stuff anyway, apart from some homegrown rap that I can't really listen to (Germany and France mainly)
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  3. I hope they maintain at least one top 10 position!! They have fallen on itunes.
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  4. It will be such an achievement if ABBA do get a Top 10 single in 2021, a minor miracle in fact for anyone over the age of 40 to have a hit now let alone in their 70s! It will be the ultimate Popjustice.
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  5. I guess at the very least we are looking at top 20.
  6. Uno


    Strange that I Still Have Faith In You is charted higher, but good for them either way!
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  7. In The Netherlands, they entered the singles top 100 at 18 and 21... I expected more, meh
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  8. The chart is literally just a countdown of the most listened to songs. Why do people take it so personally? They are doing amazing in other areas like their album pre-orders so I don't get why we can't celebrate that without the weird reaching about "playlist payola".
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  9. Don't Shut Me Down #1 and I Still Have Faith In You at #2 in non-shocker Sweden.
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  10. That’s a really incredible achievement. I can’t think of many other bands from the 70s or 80s who achieved a Top 10 hit during a comeback in the last few years.
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  11. That's so amazing.
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  12. Wasn't there a poster on here who said they wouldn't chart? I vaguely remember.

    Fantastic achievement. The album is going to sell bucket loads isn't it.

    What a time to be alive and experience this.
  13. What an utterly incredible achievement! Astonishing.
  14. “I Still Have Faith In You” is #1 on the UK sales chart. “Don’t Shut Me Down” is #2.

    that includes physical sales and individually purchased downloads.
  15. "We do have it in us!"
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  16. What a brilliant achievement for them.
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  17. The singles doing so well bodes very well for the album. Here for them to break a record or two.
  18. Shame 'I Still Have Faith in You' couldn't hold on but what an accomplishment nonetheless especially with the heavy competition. We have a new ABBA single in the top 10 for the first time in 40 years and first time in most our lifetime!

    Hopefully they release another single before the album.
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