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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I like the bit where the chorus is in full swing and Frida claims the song back by her “…to have survived” line. That’s a brilliant ABBA moment.
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  2. same ! every single time !
  3. AirPods.
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  4. Sis, Ed Sheeran has unfortunately been everywhere on UK radio for over 10 years, I'm amazed.
  5. Not on Radio 3 ha.

    And I guess Spotify knows not to bother.
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  6. That’s why I never listen to the radio anymore..Spotify keeps me sheltered from harm hehe
  7. Luc


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  8. Apologies if this conversation has already been had, but is there any confirmation that “Bumble Bee” on Voyage is indeed based on “Free As A Bumblebee”, a 1978 demo that was partially included in 1994’s ABBA Undeleted?

    The Wikipedia page for Voyage states it is, apparently without any doubt: “Its track listing contains 10 songs, two of which, "Just a Notion" and "Bumblebee", were previously included in demo versions as part of the medley "ABBA Undeleted" from the Thank You for the Music boxset released in 1994.”

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  9. The Ed Sheeran example was in reference to the other user quoted saying this:

    If Ed also has the best-selling song in the last 10 weeks, then maybe he *is* reflective of what the UK is listening - not as a 100% complete whole, maybe, but by the best kind of metrics which can most accurately be tracked.

    You say you don't see an issue with having a conversation about the charts and asking questions, but when someone simply tries to engage in that conversation and give examples of how streaming may actually be less prone to manipulation than other means of consumption, they're called "condescending".

    Others have articulated the objective reasons why streaming gives us more accuracy to music consumption and how the charts are better and more relevant for it, not less. Again, as I've never tried to suggest, no one has to like what is popular music or what most of the country listens to - something charting has never meant it's inherently good, be it in 1971 or 2021. If we have these conversations though, there's no harm in discussing the objective facts of streaming's benefits.
  10. Is getting playlisted on Spotify that much different from getting A-listed on Radio 1 in the '10s anyway? There were tracks getting hammered on radio that the public just didn't care enough to purchase, just like getting on the main streaming playlists is not a guarantee of success if people don't like it enough to stream it more than once.
  11. As far as I know, there's no confirmation about it but it is assumed. If so I'm really excited what they make of it today and if Björn will still be the lead singer. I guess so because they have at least one Björn lead song on each album ...
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  12. Me when I listened to Don’t Shut Me Down for the first time:
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  13. Yeah there's a fundamental difference in that the airplay itself doesn't contribute to the chart. But being on the big playlist, with millions of followers, means a track can pick up millions of plays that are just from people letting a playlist run, not because they're deliberately playing that track. But there's not really any way around that. Playlist streams can't be excluded, as that's not fair at all. And getting onto good playlists is an amazing boost for some artists who really need the exposure, so it's not all negative. So, it just has to be that way now.
  14. uh oh guys the chart police is here
  15. ANYWAYS...I wonder if we'll get any additional tracks aside from the ten on the album at some point. Also, I'd love to see more footage from the recording but Björn made it sound like there is none...or that they made it just for themselves? I know Story of a Heart is long out there but it is such an ABBA song, I'd love a rendition of it at some point.

    I was on vacation last week walking around and listening to these songs, thinking about all the young gays who would have stanned them hard, who died from AIDS so soon after they disbanded and never got to hear these really emotional. The fact we're getting anything at all...phew what a journey.
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  16. Yeah they did specifically say the footage was for them, not the public, which would be a shame. Imagine a full documentary with them getting back together in the studio, writing, recording, piecing it all together. Oh my god, the fans would go nuts for that.
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  17. I'm sure, if the footage is good enough and if there's demand, we'll get a 'Voyage' documentary/film. Could open with the first recording/work on the show and close with a shot of them on stage first night and a montage of the Voyage show.
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  18. This would be most welcome.
  19. There is some speculation that there are three more songs already in the can ready to be included on a future deluxe edition of Voyage, perhaps to be released at the same time the ABBA Voyage show starts in May 2022. I don’t know the source of the rumours though.
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  20. Bumblebee is probably not the same track as Free as a Bumblebee unless it has been severely reworked. The original demo included parts of I Know Him So Well.
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