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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. amazing !
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  2. I love how emotional everybody gets over these songs , literally 40 or even 50 years after they were hits .. the umber of times ABBA were written off as cheap Eurotrash .. and here they are , having the last laugh and then some
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  3. I walked by three teenage girls in Madrid yesterday that were singing Dancing Queen as they crossed the street. The power of ABBA.
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  4. Minor correction and not done to split any hairs, but it’s actually:

    (And I won’t be the same)
    I’m not the same this time around

    “And I won’t be the same” subtly advises us not to expect the ABBA Tars to be an exact recreation of ABBA in the 1970s, but that they’re a re-imagining.
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  5. You're quite right. I was clearly caught up in the absolute joy of the moment when I was typing it out!
  6. Frida's delivery on the entire track is perfection, but isn't the song about her son/a child?
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  7. Interview coming with Agnetha in Swedish.

    Some clips were played on Swedish radio. The gist of which is:

    - She says that she feels very happy and grateful for the reaction the new project has had, it makes her feel very warm inside.

    - The interviewer asks if any of them were hesitant about it, she says no, they got such a great feeling from the music.

    - She was asked if she wrote any songs or was involved in producing the album, she said she and Frida gave ideas in the studio ‘but mainly the guys take care of that’

    - She also said that she was a bit afraid to manage all the work with the Avatars. Especially to perform on stage. She is “not really a stage person anymore”
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  8. I just put in to literally take the release day off work so I can sit at home and play the album again and again.

    Obviously it will be amazing as, like ABBA's best albums, its title (not including leading articles) starts with the letter V.
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  9. Am off the same day too, but have had that booked off for a while-perfect timing as it turns out!
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  10. it’s about a relationship having run it’s course .. at least that’s what it sounds like to me.
  11. I still love the interpretation someone posted here that the song is about someone transitioning gender and coming out to their family about it. That would make a great video for the song.
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  12. There's a Wikipedia page in another universe somewhere that says 'Should I Laugh Or Cry' was the number one hit 'One Of Us' was aiming to be.
  13. I can't believe Should I Laugh Or Cry didn't even make the album when for me it's lead single material. Thank goodness for The Visitors (Deluxe Edition) for giving it a home.
  14. The way "Lay All Your Love On Me" jumps out at the end of the amazing but mostly MOR Super Trouper still leaves me stunned every goddamn time.

    Unpopular opinion alert, but also a much better song than Gimme Gimme.
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  15. Is that an unpopular opinion though? Lay All Your Love frequently appears at the top of all the "best ABBA singles" polls.

    It's an absolute masterpiece.
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  16. I had always assumed so (Gimme has always been a much bigger radio staple here in Oz) but very pleased to be incorrect on the matter!
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  17. Don't get me wrong, I love both of them. Gimme is a total fucking banger too.

    But there's something really special about Lay All Your Love On Me. What a moment that'll be if it gets its first performance in the Voyage show.
  18. Thanks for reminding me to do this! I'm so excited, it will be a glorious day.
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  19. I have always found "Lay all your love on me" at the end of the ST album weird (before The Way Old Friends Do comes in)
    If i'm honest, I always find a lot of their album track orders rather bizarre.

    Arrival - When I Kissed The Teacher before Dancing Queen!?
    VV - As Good As New before Voulez-Vous!

    They're all excellent songs but most of the times, you will find a big hit for the first song.

    With all of the songs on the computer I have created my own playlists with the songs in a better order.
  20. I love the bravery of ‘mere’ album tracks being the openers - it shows confidence that they weren’t just a singles act.

    With other artists I’ve never liked the predictability that tracks 1, 2 and 3 would all be released as singles and probably in that order.
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