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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Lay All Your Love On Me is my second favorite ABBA tune after Knowing Me, Knowing You. It's genuinely perfect to me.
  2. Sorry to hijack the thread, but is it just my copy of the songs, or does the production on both sound really flat and compressed? Like a LQ radio-rip? Or like it *was* actually recorded in the 80s?
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  3. Yes I think this was done on purpose to have the same levels of mastering compared to their older work. So it doesn’t sound too loud or different for the live shows.
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  4. Gotcha, thanks!
  5. Mine are Lay All Your Love On Me and Does Your Mother Know! They're such feel good songs. Every time I'm feeling down I listen to them.
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  6. ... how do you guys even choose a favourite ABBA song? I couldn't whittle it down from a list of 10 solid favourites.
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  7. Reminds me of the Spice Girls opening with If U Can't Dance.
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  8. Yeah, I couldn't pick one, no matter how hard I thought about it. Least favourite is no problem, it's the recently-defended but still cast-iron musical war crime "Two For The Price Of One".
  9. I can name 10 songs worse than Two for the Price of One from Ring Ring and Waterloo alone.
  10. Love Lay All Your Love On Me, feel good classic and then some.
  11. I'd take King Kong Song 100 times before I'd ever listen to Two for the Price of One again. I just despise it.
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  12. I wish the vocals were a bit louder for both.
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  13. No kidding. When Benny said there were maybe 5-10 songs in their discography they shouldn't have done, I was thinking, "You really haven't listened to the first two albums in a while, have you?"
  14. I always liked the interplay between Benny and Frida's/Agnetha's voices on Two For The Price of One, even if the lyrics perhaps aren't some of their deepest.
  15. If we don't count I'm Still Alive there's currently 102 officially released songs

    The two that don't make my top 100 are both on Waterloo

    I really don't get the hate against Ring Ring. It's definitely not their best but it's definitely not their worst
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  16. Who can hate or dislike RingRing? It such an infectious and catchy song.
  17. Oh I meant the album not the song specifically
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  18. Ohhhhh oppps. Yeah their first albums are a required taste. Their albums improved more and more in age. Their last album, the visitors, is just brilliant on so many levels.
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  19. The Visitors is my favourite album of all time.

    Anything from Arrival onwards is but I really do love the first 3
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  20. Interestingly, I Still Have Faith In You hasn’t counted as a download, but Don’t Shut Me Down has. I can’t play the full version of the former.
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