ABBA - Voyage

Haven't Radio 1 been quite open about their 16-25 target demographic in the past?

Either way it's not really a surprise. I think they pushed Green Day, Madonna and Muse aside for being too old in recent years.

I'm sure ABBA are being played by a gazillion other stations.
I haven't listened for a long time but last time I did I remember them skipping random songs that were on their way out because the show was shorter than it used to be, usually 'lesser' hits (i.e. something that hadn't bothered the Top 20).
Barely anyone cares about the top 40 now so they have condensed it down over the years, particularly the lower half, and will obviously favour tracks within that that their demographic prefer.
Apologies if this has been dissected already but I've just been listening to Don't Shut Me Down and I thought that Frida's vocal is a lot more prominent that Agnetha's in the chorus of the song. Has anybody else noticed that or am I just that big of a Frida Stan I'm imagining the whole thing?
Some new(I think) info!