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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. No, you’re right. It’s basically Agnetha verses and Frida choruses.
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  2. Speaking of Don't Shut Me Down, I've concluded the chorus is written from the point of view of the ABBAtars themselves. We know Björn was in a contemplative and meta frame of mind already, since Faith is from his point of view to the other three, and either he or Benny said during the livestream that the impetus for the new recordings was "to give them (the ABBAtars) new songs to sing," as if they were beings of their own.

    They're not the ABBA we knew; they're now (2018-21 mocap) and then (1979 likenesses) combined. We asked ABBA not to leave, so here they are again.
  3. The Holy Queen speaks to her legions of acolytes!
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  4. I find this a lot with their recordings. And I find if Frida has a solo, it's more of a solo than Agnetha's. Yet Agnetha has more "solo refrains"
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  5. He joked at the launch that it was the ABBAtars asking not to be switched off.
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  7. I've been in Croatia and Bosnia most of this month and both songs are playing everywhere/are constantly on the radio. Didn't really expect that and it feels quite unusual/surreal/tender!
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  9. Benny about The Day before you came .. love when he plays the melody on the piano before
  10. The best pop songs always have a vein of sadness even when they are seemingly pure joy, and of course Benny knows and understands that.
  11. I find it a bit weird that the avatars seem to be lit from behind in the "I Still Have Faith In You" video. Where are the beams of the Super Trouper?
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  12. So Elton John just got a #2 hit with Cold Heart (and might potentially eventually get to #1). Considering he's kinda peers with ABBA, it shows that older artists can still get a top 3 hit if they collaborate with a younger artist. So ABBA can totally get a historic #1 single with a collab, but who should they work with?
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  13. No one!!

    The charts are meaningless. They don't need it
  14. This and this.
  15. A*Teens obviously!
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  16. Stormzy
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  17. If the charts are meaningless, why are people buying 45 copies of the album on release? Or why would so many editions be pressed and available?
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  18. I think it's more a case that singles charts are meaningless rather than albums.
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