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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Now that Elton is a top10 darling and burning up the Spotify playlists I wouldn't mind seeing what he and ABBA could come up with.
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  2. Or ABBA and Dua.
  3. ABBA.

    Just ABBA.
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  4. Yes please.
  5. Don’t Shut Me Down reaching the top 10 was meaningless?
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  6. In a sense, yes. If it had reached #65, would it have made the song any less remarkable?
  7. ABBua was right there
  8. If Don't Let Me Down/I Still Have Faith In You had reached #1, the charts wouldn't be classed as 'meaningless'.
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  9. Right fine, not meaningless.

    But not important enough for them to collaborate just to get a top 3?
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  11. The charts are not meaningless, but it would be meaningless to collaborate with another artist just to buy themselves a better chart position. Just their name is enough to guarantee a smash as we could see.
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  12. The charts are obviously still important to them, considering the 50 physical variants of the album they’re touting. If they’re hustling hard for a #1 album, why would a #1 single be one step too far?
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  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'm not sure if those variants are about the position or just about... money?
  14. I think an Abba and Kylie collab would be a dream come true.
  15. For who?
  16. I don't get... Why people get so warmed up when it comes to charts x ABBA here? Why is it so insulting the idea that they may not be chasing chart success with this album / singles?

    The whole idea of these 2 new songs was to promote the ABBAtar thing with something new, it was never meant to be a comeback. The goal was to bring interest/headline/promotion to the project. The album end up being a result of them enjoying working together again which is very in brand with the 4 of them if you know a littlle bit.

    Even back in the 80s Benny and Björn were working on musicals while their peers were trying to keep up to maintain commercial success, by the 90s both girls were out of business building their lifes up after 10 years of hard work and failed marriage, both went out of the public with very low scale music projects once in a blue moon. It's not like Frida needs a new beach house and Agnetha wants another number one after failling solo. Like, at all.

    Success can be messured differently by people.
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  17. I'm actually expecting them to struggle to topple Ed off the number one spot with the album. Despite this highest pre-orders for the label thing, nobody shifts units like Ed Sheeran and he'll only be one week in.
  18. You may be right, but I also think that given ABBA’ s target audience, cds will fly off supermarket shelves.
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  19. I’d find if more interesting for them to work with a different producer.. the idea of anyone sharing vocals with Frida and Agnetha seems preposterous
  20. I wouldn't worry about Ed Sheeran. People who haven't bought an album in decades will be buying ABBA not to mention the younger generation who love them too.
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