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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Kylie.
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  2. Ah yes, things that don't go my way are bad and things that do go my way are good.
  3. I doubt Benny would let anyone produce him! This album does differ from their previous ones by only having Benny as the producer/arranger. Björn is reduced to “Associate producer” but on the I Still Have Faith In You CD/vinyl singles, he doesn’t even get that credit!
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  4. I haven't released either so I'm not sure how things going my way got dragged into this.

    I didn't think it was controversial to suggest the singles chart is a mess in comparison with the album chart but it's certainly not a row I'm invested in enough to continue.
  5. Yes, and although Benny is without doubt an absolute genius, it would be amazing to see the sound updated by someone ..not beyond recognition of course, but each ABBA album starting with Arrival had its own distinctive sound, they were always inspired by the music happening around them, which was in part why they remained hugely successful through all the musical changes happening in the 70s and at the beginning of the 80s.The two new songs are perfect for me, but it would be great also to see what someone else could do with them
  6. Doesn’t every generation of music fans get to a point where they think the charts are pointless? Its just a combination of faves ageing (which is just fucking stupid but whatever) out of the charts and new music not being to people liking.
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  7. Yes, can't imagine them having their material produced by anyone else at all.
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  8. Really nice words from a rock legend.
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  9. EXCITING NEWS is coming!
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  10. Are we getting a new grat track?

    I love that they get respect from all corners of the musical globe.
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  11. They are releasing Just Like That?
  12. How soon?
  13. Any hints?!?
  14. How big is this news?
  15. If this is about A*Teens I swear to God.
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  16. It had better be!
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  17. Seriously, a finished ABBA version of Just Like That would be the most exciting news ever!
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  18. Be up there anyway!
  19. Let me introduce you to the gays.
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  20. I can already hear the complains about how "this is not the version they should release, where's the nanana!¹2!!1¹¹¹!!!!!1".
    I mean, we got two new songs and an album is coming but still every page has one "release JLT evil B&B!!!". The hype of this song is so huge by now that nothing will satisfy. Maybe leaking the multitracks.
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