ABBA - Voyage

More exciting than a whole new album? I think not.

I never got the hype for “Just Like That”. It’s not even that good. And other completed tracks that have been stashed away for years don’t have the same hype.
I think it’s because the whole track got leaked, and three different versions of it at that. I don’t think there are any other unreleased ABBA songs where that was the case? Thing is, they’ve already said they have recorded more songs than will actually be on the new album. If any of the others get leaked, it could be like “Just Like That” all over again!

JLT has a good chorus but it’s massively let down by those weak verses. However, as we have all heard it thanks to Björn being careless with some cassette tapes once, I really don’t think there’s any harm in an official release. Its legendary status isn’t really deserved, but understandable.


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The release of a song that won't actually be on the album before the album comes out would be.. a choice
Exclusive image of ABBA after fans asking for covers and Just Like That even after a new album announcement:
Yeah, I just don’t get it. We’re being given 10 brand new recordings after almost 4 decades and people are still going on about old cast-offs? Embrace the incredible gifts we’re being granted from the pop Gods and forget about all that other stuff!
I have a feeling there may be another new song, not on the album, that will premiere as part of the show next May.

if the album campaign runs through to Dec then it makes sense to have something new on the radio to promote the show.