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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I'm shaken to my core! Wow!
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  2. I think so! The endless variants certainly won’t hurt dd. They got 5 US sales out of me alone! (Plus 3 more from France, but I don’t think those will count toward the French charts.) I wouldn’t even be surprised for them to get #1, though they’ll fall out of the top 10 the next week. For comparison, the first Mamma Mia! soundtrack hit #1 and the second hit #4. I think it all depends on how well they promote it.
    I’d say the musical actually. There was definitely some awareness of them after that and before the movie. But yeah it took the movie for them to be recognized as legends here rather than just another legacy act.
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  3. I think #1 in the US is out of question given Ed Sheeran is out the previous week. Top 3 would be a big surprise, but more than welcome.
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  4. Be interesting to see the first week sales worldwide for Voyage, sure it will do very well for 2021 standards.
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  5. Just had a look at ABBA's US chart peaks for their albums... and wow, the lack of taste.
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  6. Okay but back then peaks and sales were staggered in every state.
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  7. They just never totally broke through there. Because of Dancing Queen they're seemingly listed as a 'Eurodisco' act and nothing more.

    When I lived there as a kid in the 80s I was always stunned at the European hits our friends from home were sending us mixtapes of that just tanked there (and occasionally vice versa).
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  8. Abba Gold has sold 6 million in the US despite not going top 20.
  9. To be fair, ABBA never tried to break through in the US either.
  10. Played the two new songs to two basic colleagues form work and both were agreeing that they‘ll wait for the next Mamma Mia movie to check out how good they are.

    I hate straight people. Surprisingly they weren’t even males.
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  11. I wonder if it will get a video same style as Faith for Shut Me Down soon. I mean I know they will sell well for 2021 standards first week but I want more momentum 2 weeks up to the release.
  12. Seems unlikely now. Lyric videos are obviously cheap but very boring to watch!

    I did hear a rumour that there would be a third single out soon - When You Danced With Me - but no sign of that. Didn’t someone on here say there was some exciting news coming? Again that hasn’t happened yet.
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  13. Maybe they'll drop another track a week or two before the album?

    I'm actually going to be away the day it's out, which is going to spike my anxiety of the wifi isn't good enough wherever I am that day.
  14. Was I imagining things or did someone post and delete yesterday saying that
    Just a Notion
    would be the new single soon?
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  15. Ohhhh!
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  16. My wig is ready to be snatched!
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  17. If this is true then...
    It's a song we already know so it's not giving too much away and leaving the rest of the album unheard
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  18. Next week October 15 or October 22 lol
  19. Bring it!!
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