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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Yes, I noticed that too.
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  2. Years ago I bought a CD of the various leaked versions of Just Like That, plus the covers of it (Gemini, Jacaranda, Bjorn Again) and other songs it was later reworked into.
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  3. They frequently take them down from YouTube. B&B are adamant that nobody should hear it in any form outside of the Gemini version.
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  4. There are still a few versions of it up there. The Bjorn Again one is there.

    This one has ABBA's vocals over the Björn Again backing track.

    I don't really get the love for this song though. I like the first part of the chorus immediately after the first "Just like that". The melody is lovely. But the rest of it's pretty forgettable for me.
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  5. I'm pretty sure it's just YT copyrights, the chrorus was released on ABBA Undeleted after all. I don't think B&B are wasting their energy asking to delete fan videos...
  6. I wonder do you have any versions I don't. Any chance you could send me the track list?

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  7. Amazing how versions of Just Like That one way or another, are out there.
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  8. I'm not sure where the disc is tbh. The ABBA versions were just sax and na-na-na I think.
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  9. No, there were three. Known as “slow”, “na-na-na” and “sax”. Apparently leaked because Björn was careless with his car once and cassettes with all three versions on were stolen from it.
  10. Hud was talking about the CD he bought.
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  11. A snippet of Just A Notion is on TikTok now
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  12. Those are definitely 1978 vocals.
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  13. Agnetha and Frida said ok B&B you're getting approximately 3 days of studio time now HIT IT
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  14. I’ve listened to this a few times now. The vocals are definitely not from the version we already know, but according to CMP, there is only 1 unmixed version of the track that we already have a demo form.

    They’re a lot less shrill than the 1978 version so I’m wondering if this is a new vocal that’s then been sped up to give it more of a higher pitch.
  15. I think the start might be new vocals, the chorus is from '78.
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  16. If that’s true, they’ve done an incredible job of seamlessly shoving the 2 together
  17. It sounds wonderful! Roll on Friday!

    (Still regularly pinching myself that any of this is actually happening)
  18. me too!!

    I had a 4 hour drive this weekend and ISHFIY came on in the car.

    if anybody noticed a sobbing gay bezzing up the M6, it was me.
  19. That truly is so sweet.
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