ABBA - Voyage

'Just A Notion' CD single available to pre-order now (for UK customers).*/*/Just-A-Notion-CD-Single/76Y20000000

Since it´s for UK customers only I hope it will be available on Amazon as well like the previous singles. I had to import the previous singles from the US, before they were widely available on Amazon.
I'm still happy to have them back at all, but I really don't like this song unfortunately, or the vocals on it (be them old, new or a mix).

The sound of this track is so dated, but not in a good way. Both of the other new tracks had that classic ABBA sound, and didn't sound "modern" at all, yet they somehow managed to not sound old fashioned or dated. Should be no surprise really, as Waterloo is one of my least favourite singles, and this is definitely cut from the same cloth.
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