ABBA - Voyage

I'm still happy to have them back at all, but I really don't like this song unfortunately, or the vocals on it (be them old, new or a mix).

The sound of this track is so dated, but not in a good way. Both of the other new tracks had that classic ABBA sound, and didn't sound "modern" at all, yet they somehow managed to not sound old fashioned or dated. Should be no surprise really, as Waterloo is one of my least favourite singles, and this is definitely cut from the same cloth.

I love it for precisely the reasons you hate it!
Yeah I think Just Like That is well regarded because it sounds so polished and fans feel cheated out of a late era recording. I like the verse and the chorus but there is something disjointed about it, though they have released worse!

back to Just a Notion…listened to the snippet a few times and I like it! Obviously it sounds a bit dated but it is a pastiche of a sixties style so you could say it’s intentional. I can’t quite work out if they are new vocals or old, but it’s probably a mix of both
Not feeling the new/ old song from what I heard. I don’t like the idea of a new album containing vocals from many many years ago. But I guess like everyone we will take what we can get.