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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I love it for precisely the reasons you hate it!
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  2. My order best to worst is Agnetha, Frida, Benny, Bjorn
  3. Do we think it may have a video....

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  4. Me too, I've never heard of Just A Notion "the fan favourite" according to an email I had today. We all know what the fans really want B&B!
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  5. Yes, Björn is definitely the worst. Be it the slicked back hair version or with period hair, something isn’t quite right with it. Passable but not as good as the others.
  6. There will be a lyric video but that’s all.
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  7. The problem with “Just Like That” is…..

    it’s not a very good song
  8. Yeah I think Just Like That is well regarded because it sounds so polished and fans feel cheated out of a late era recording. I like the verse and the chorus but there is something disjointed about it, though they have released worse!

    back to Just a Notion…listened to the snippet a few times and I like it! Obviously it sounds a bit dated but it is a pastiche of a sixties style so you could say it’s intentional. I can’t quite work out if they are new vocals or old, but it’s probably a mix of both
  9. I think it's just about the better of the two new songs so far. Both are amazing though, naturally.
  10. According to Görel Hanser, no new vocals were recorded for Just A Notion.
  11. where was this said?
  12. Oh! That is a bit unexpected!
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  13. If that's the case it's a bit disappointing. Having old vocals on a new album is a bit off putting. But let's see.
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  14. Yeah, I’d have preferred all new vocals, purely for the sake or consistency, but I’m thrilled anyway!
  15. I'd rather have really great vocals so no complaints here ddd.
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  16. Not seen it directly for myself, but she has apparently confirmed it. It’s in an ABBA social media group that I’m not in* so the news got to me third party (through a friend).

    *Initials AT, styled At, if that helps…
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  17. Well, I'd prefer the new album to consist of only new songs and new vocals, and 'old' songs as bonus tracks on the singles. But well, who am I?
  18. Not feeling the new/ old song from what I heard. I don’t like the idea of a new album containing vocals from many many years ago. But I guess like everyone we will take what we can get.
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  19. If you don't even trryyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    I'm more than okay with old vocals of my favorite vocal group of all time in their prime.
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