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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. If it hadn't been on the album, it just would have been 9 tracks instead of 10. And B-sides aren't really a thing anymore, at least to the GP.
  2. I adore it and whenever I play it it's lodged in my brain for days. Plus the lyrics are incredible.
  3. But they're "now and then combined..."
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  4. I am still excited for the song, and will reserve my thoughts once I hear it in full.
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  5. Everytime I see you post I get Overload stuck in my head haha
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  6. ha ha ha love it!

    Sugababes and Abba is my life!
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  7. Amazing.

    Sugababes might even take ABBA’s record for faffing about with old material for the longest time, at their rate of productivity.
  8. Yes, I'll wait and see too.
  9. Well they obviously liked the song enough to dust it down and rework it and I’ll trust that they knew what they were doing.
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  10. I keep thinking I have it but it’s ‘just’ the brilliant Matt Pop mix
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  11. Just Like That (Matt Pop Mix) is my most played ABBA song. It's amazing.
  12. I'm a little worried about Just a notion coming out as a single, it feels too dated to me too, and I would have loved a coherent album instead of a mix of 'leftovers' and new songs. But like everybody else here has said- at this point who am I to complain? I'm just so happy to have them back.
    Those jokey rock songs were always my least favourites though, so Just a Notion is not up my street anyway
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  13. I think I might avoid this single, and wait to hear the whole album now. I don’t know Just A Notion at all so I’ll be excited to have eight new songs rather than seven on the day.

    (Cut to me downloading it at midnight as soon as it comes out.)
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  14. I read in an article about Adele that Voyage pre ‘sales’ are at 111k.
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  15. There was a nice 'cut n' shut' mix on YouTube a while back, the first half was a bit of a rough demo before it segued nicely into the sax mix in pretty high quality.

    From that version though, you can hear that it doesn't quite work as a song (likely because it wasn't finished), the sax solos kind of bend around corners to try and join it up. It's a decent song.
  16. Impressive, but I reckon many of their older fans will just pick up the album on the week of release, so the final figure should end up much higher.
  17. Abba version or not this is a banger!

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  18. Yes, think it will end up doing even more higher especially leading up into Christmas.
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  19. Definitely! ABBA, Adele and Ed Sheeran will be huge for gift-giving this Christmas.
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